Coutinho Doing All He Can To Force Liverpool’s Hand

It looks as though the lure of FC Barcelona is too much for Philippe Coutinho and various news outlets are reporting that the Brazilian maestro has now handed in a transfer request.

Liverpool have a decision to make… Do they keep an unhappy player or do they sell their star man?

The club have reacted by initially turning down his request but playmaker is certainly doing his upmost to force his current employers hand as the dirt seems to being dished out now.

If the transfer request wasn’t enough, he did it mere hours after the club stated that he wasn’t for sale. Doing this so soon after that public statement makes the club look bad.

The red half of Merseyside will now be questioning their number ten’s current injury situation. He’s going to miss the first game of the season due to a back injury. Such injuries are hard to diagnose or decide how bad they actually are. A lot of it can be dictated to by the player and we now know the player wants out and probably won’t want to play again for Liverpool incase of injury and/or being cup-tied in the Champions League. 

You then have to ask how the news is getting continually leaked to the press. It seems to be from the player side, in the form of a close family member of Coutinho’s (according to Sky).

That same family member has stated that the forward has issues with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.

It’s my belief that this is a major ploy from the Brazilian to get what he wants.

Coutinho, his family members, his representatives and Barca aren’t stupid. They’ll know that to stand the best chance of pushing through a transfer then Philippe now has to make it almost impossible for him to stay at Anfield.

Now he’s not going to go after the club’s fans, so instead he makes it about himself and the boss (who is universally loved at Anfield). Having digs at Klopp, will infuriate a great deal of the support and they’ll no doubt want rid of him.

It’s a real shame if Coutinho is speaking through his family and airing his dirty laundry in public. He was struggling to adapt in European football before his move to Liverpool, so without doubt he owes the club. Slagging off Klopp is extremely disrespectful and will leave fans feeling used and bitter.

No player is bigger than the football club and Liverpool know that more than most.

They wouldn’t have came into this transfer window thinking about selling Coutinho  but the Neymar transfer has had a knock on effect. It has given Barcelona plenty of cash and they seem determined to get their man in Coutinho.

For me, I’d tell Coutinho and Barcelona that he can go if they offer £120m and that has to be paid in full or in instalments, not in clauses or bonuses.

I understand that South American players see Spain’s big two as dream destinations but I think Philippe Coutinho needs to show Liverpool more respect.

By all means hand in your transfer request but stop with all the unprofessional bullshit that sullies your reputation and ruins what bond you had with the Liverpool support.

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