Why Mobile Phones And Football Don’t Mix!

It’s funny how mobile phones have became such an integral part in our every day lives.

At a quick glance we can be in the pub and suddenly find out who’s the oldest player to win a World Cup, it’s Italy’s Dino Zoff by the way (yes I Googled it!).

Blind people can use apps on their phones to help them decipher what objects are, that’s incredibly useful when they are travelling or shopping. It’s life changing.

Parents can put trackers on their kids phones and that allows them to make sure their children are safe.

You can take photos, videos and store songs on your phones, people are lost without a phone in their hand.

With all the benefits there are also some negatives and mobile phones in football environments are my pet peeves.

Firstly, I hate going to a game and seeing so many supporters getting their iPhones or Samsungs out to film the game. Free-kicks, corners and penalties always get fans reaching inside their pockets.

It really frustrates me to see it, why can’t we just enjoy the moment these days? We seem to think we need to document it, all of it!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve got Facebook and I’ll stick my dog in a Christmas jumper, take his picture and upload it for my friends and family to see it. I know it’s ridiculous but it brings a smile to my face.

At football, as a fan, the greatest feeling is seeing your team score an important goal. I can remember celebrating winners at Old Firm games, international matches and European nights. You jump up and down and hug the person sitting next to you. It could be a pal, a group of best mates and sometimes it’s a completely random stranger! People can end up in a few rows in front and others can end up on their arse, it is euphoric!

I work in video production, watching anything through a lens takes added concentration levels and you simply don’t get the same connection filming something as you do just watching it and absorbing the atmosphere that you are in.

In the industry, I also know that it’s illegal to film anything inside most football grounds.

It will be part of the terms and condition when you purchase your ticket that you can’t record film footage of the game. A TV network has paid for the rights and the football leagues/associations will clamp down on you if you upload it to Twitter or Youtube and they request you take it down.

Scottish Championship side St Mirren recently made their own support aware of the rules when it comes to phones in the ground.

The other thing to remember is that technology is constantly improving. Check Youtube for a goal that happened five or ten years ago and the footage is rubbish.

Another new phenomenon that has come with the mobile phone is fans shoving into players faces during their personal time.

I don’t think it’s particularly funny to abuse players and film it, as was the case with Martyn Waghorn during his time at Rangers.

In the past week, we’ve seen a video of Rangers defender Fabio Cardoso with a Celtic fan. It looks like both say ‘Mon The Hoops!’ during a night-out. Now Fabio states the clip has been manipulated.

Even if it hasn’t been edited, I wouldn’t blame the defender if he had said it. His grasp of English isn’t perfect and he’s enjoying himself in an environment away from Glasgow. He’s clearly been accosted by at least two strangers (who have probably had a drink) and asked to partake in a a picture or video. The strangers then take advantage of the situation and try to embarrass the player. That kind of trick could have severe consequences amongst the support a player has with his own fans, why do that to him?

The same thing happens to Celtic players and players everywhere in the world to be honest. Celtic had to tighten up their security after Gers fans verbally abused Leigh Griffiths at Glasgow airport, it was all captured on phones.

I feel for the fans who genuinely want a picture with their heroes and might not get them because a player worries about what the true motives are.

Do we not appreciate that people deserve a personal life these days?

Don’t get me wrong, some players are also part of the problem.

Taking pointless selfies after a meaningless 1-0 win over a mid-table team is absolutely exasperating. It fuels a culture that everything needs to be documented, even the mundane. Only celebrate true success!

Enjoy the moment and respect others, that’s my Christmas rant/message over. Now please read my other articles on your shiny, lovely mobile phones!

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