Can Arsenal Win The Premier League Next Season?

It is not easy to pick 6 predictions for where the top teams competing for the English Premier League title are going to finish next season.

For Arsenal, a lot will depend on the signings they make over the summer transfer window which is why it is vital to get it right as they need to make up a large gap between themselves and the rest of the pack. Now that Arsene Wenger has left the Gunners, it’s a fantastic time to start afresh and bring in lots of new faces urgently required to improve the team.

Manchester United are prime examples of what can happen when you change long-term managers. The Red Devils have not recovered since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement but this season they showed that they are getting closers to where they need to be to win their first EPL title since the Ferguson retired. Gunners fans will be hoping that they do not have the same fate, although things are slightly different as Ferguson won the title in his last year in charge and Wenger finished sixth.

Chelsea are another great example of what can happen when you change manager as every other season they seem to put a new one in charge. If the new manager at Arsenal can have the same impact as the last couple of managers have had at Chelsea by winning the league title in their first season, then that’ll be a great start! Things always seem to fall off the rails after that first year though, Gunners fans will be hoping for more stability at the Emirates.

One of the major challenges for the new manager will be creating a brand new defence.

This is one area of the pitch that can take longer than others to build as everyone needs to be quickly on the same page. If it was simply a case of having to change the attackers, the job would be far easier to achieve.

A new Goalkeeper is a must along with a couple of center-backs and they are desperate for a defensive midfield player that can provide protection along with adding creativity.

If Arsenal are going to win the Premier League, they will need to bring in at least six or seven world class players over the summer. Without Champions League football that task is going to be almost impossible, so it is going to need a manager that can get the most out of the underperforming stars already there. Mauricio Pochettino managed to do it at Spurs, so it can be done if you have a manager that has faith in young talent.

If Leicester City can win the league then obviously the Gunners can do it too. The main signing of the season is going to be the new manager, as it will be up to him to achieve the miracle that is required.

As Tottenham and Liverpool both showed when they signed lots of players all at once, it takes time for them to settle in and many might not make the grade.

It is a pivotal time in the history of Arsenal Football Club and if they make the wrong decisions it could lead to dire consequences.

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