Leaving Arsenal Could Be The Making Of Aaron Ramsey

This week it was announced that Premier League side Arsenal had decided to withdraw their latest contract offer that was on the table for midfielder Aaron Ramsey.

A deal was reportedly close to being agreed until The Gunners decided to pull the plug on the negotiations.

In fairness, I believe that this latest development could be a good thing for Ramsey.

The Welshman has been at the Emirates since 2008. During that time he’s went through plenty of peaks and troughs. But as he matured as a player he was having more peaks than troughs and becoming a constant attacking threat.

He’s the type of number ten that picks the right time to burst into the box and grab all important goals. Although the Welsh internationalist can also pick out a pass and create an assist.

In 2015, England midfield legend Steven Gerrard hailed Ramsey stating he was “the best attacking¬†midfielder in the Premier League”. Quite the compliment.

Last season, Ramsey scored eleven goals for The Gunners and created nine assists for teammates. He’s also very efficient in the passing department, he’ll usually finish a season with a passing success rate averaging in the mid eighties.

Yet when you look at the twenty-seven year old in an Arsenal jersey you still sometimes think that he’s not really a star in the team. He’s was seems to be playing second fiddle to other stars like Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Then there’s also the fact that at times Ramsey looks a wee bit stale at the Emirates or maybe he’s just hit a comfort zone there.

It’s a similar situation Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain found himself in last year, before he moved to Liverpool and started to shine again.

Having to prove himself elsewhere, might make the attacking midfielder step up and reach his true potential and help a team challenge for top honours.

It could be an ideal time for him to go abroad and test himself in a different environment like his compatriot Gareth Bale did when he joined Real Madrid.

If I were Arsenal, I’d be inclined to sell Aaron during the January transfer window, if at all possible. I think interest will be high as long as the fee is extortionate and his wages aren’t too pricey.

If he wants to become better, then moving out of the Gunners comfort zone might be the best thing for the influential attacking central midfielder. He can’t be scared when it comes to making the jump!

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