Leicester City Are Right To Bring Brendan Rodgers In Now!

According to The Guardian, Leicester City are about to bring in Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers to replace the recently departed Claude Puel.

Some, like journalist Oliver Kay, can’t understand the timing:

Now maybe, just maybe, The Foxes didn’t give Rodgers the option to wait until the end of the season. The Premier League club will be thinking about their immediate future and will want a manager that’s fully committed to their cause.

They want to bring in a gaffer that has Premier League experience and that’s become accustomed in winning football matches and trophies. Why would they wait?

Brendan might have felt that the opportunity was too good to mess with and that he wouldn’t be afforded the time to finish off his business in Glasgow.

At Leicester, there’s been talk of a player revolt. To placate the talent and get them switched on, the Foxes believe that they are better brining in a permanent manager now and quell things immediately.

People will also look at Leicester City’s position, 12th, in the league table and say that they could wait before getting their man.

But it’s actually an ideal time for the Premier League champions to replace their gaffer as Rodgers can come in with little, to no, pressure and assess his new squad between now and the end of season.

He can also be in constant communication with the powers that be at The King Power Stadium about who to bring in during the next transfer window and who they can let go.

In his last two jobs, Rodgers has made decisions on players and then changed his mind. At Liverpool it was thought that Jordan Henderson was on his way out and at Celtic, Leigh Griffiths‘ future was questioned. Now Rodgers could’ve sold those talents had bids came in during his first few months at those clubs, that won’t happen at Leicester as he has time before the window opens and that gives players the needed period to change his first opinion of them.

Then there’s Rodgers CV. He’s done all he can at Parkhead (domestically) and he might feel that a job at a top tier English club won’t come calling in the summer. Leicester City will back him with funds and they’ve got a pretty decent squad that can improve. That will be a motivation factor for the Northern Irishman.

Plus say Brendan had said that he’d take the job but not till the end of the season. Would that have really gone down well with the Hoops supporters? I doubt it. Some would have instantly challenged his commitment to the cause and others would ask him to leave immediately. If you are challenging for the Premiership title, is it not better to have a manager in charge that’s fully concentrated on delivering that trophy without any huge career distractions?

Brendan Rodgers clearly feels that he’s done all he can at Celtic and the lure to go back to the Premier League was too strong.

He won’t have made the decision lightly and obviously the man himself felt it was the right time to leave.

For Leicester City, all they are doing is protecting their own interests and getting quick start to a new and exciting era!

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