Referees Need To Start Punishing Harry Kane

No matter which way you look at Harry Kane’s tackle on Andrew Robertson a few days ago, it is a red card challenge all day long.

It was reckless, he wasn’t in control and it endangered an opponent!

It was later suggested that VAR (Source – The Mirror) and the referee didn’t send off Kane because Robertson managed to lift his leg.

This is a very dangerous precedent to set, in my opinion.

So are we saying that players will only get sent off if they injure someone? That is wrong. We should punish players who are over the top or who are lucky that the opposing player has jumped out of the way and saving themselves from a spell on the sidelines. That way the culprit learns quickly in how to tackle properly and not to be so reckless in the future.

It does seem, as an outsider, that Premier League officials will usually turn a blind eye when it comes to Harry Kane and his somewhat dodgy challenges.

The last time I seen this kind of protection was when Alan Shearer got away with kicking Neil Lennon in the head. The similarities Shearer and Kane share? They hold/held the England captain’s armband and both their countries main goal-getter.

It seems like The FA and their officials want to keep Kane happy.

I don’t think the Tottenham Hotspur striker made things any better with his post-match interview:

He says that he thinks he won the ball. He didn’t, if anything he handles the ball after catching Robertson with his stupid tackle.

It wasn’t a strong tackle, it was a bad foul.

It isn’t the first time Harry has made suspicious challenges that seem to endanger opponents.

He seems to like to create an arch and back into opposing players as they’re jumping for a header, that can be dangerous as it makes it harder for the jumping player to protect their fall.

Kane also made a very iffy tackle on Newcastle United man Florian Lejeune back in 2017.

In that clash, where he received a yellow card, Kane come in from behind and tackled with force using a scissor motion. That resulted in Lejeune missing the next seven games for The Toon.

Florian was clearly unhappy with the tackle:

“Was it a red card? Yes. It is important to punish such tackles. It was a difficult time, a very difficult time for me because I had only just arrived here, at a new club and a new country and I was trying to establish myself in the team.”

Via Sky Sports

I don’t want to lead a witch-hunt against Harry Kane, I actually admire a lot of his game.

But we can’t have one rule for one player, no matter their importance to England, and one for the rest. Referees should be made aware of this!

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  1. There is no doubt that the tackle against Robertson was a red cars all Day long but to point out previous tackles where he should have been penalized is ridiculous. You Can point out so many occassions where players have been let off more easily than they should have. Milner has escaped rash tackles on several occasions is it because the referees are scared of Klopp shouting at them – maybe? Seems to me that opponent fans always are more aware of other teams gettorf away with fouls than their own teams!!

  2. You are clearly a bitter scouser! Grow up. A whole article suggesting Kane never gets punished over one tackle. I suppose Robertson’s assault on Emerson was not a red?

  3. Give it a rest ffs, got to be a scouser !!!

  4. If you don’t want to make this a witch hunt then don’t publish this article….. would you be making so much fuss if it was any other player? Why are we still even talking about this, it is cheap and lazy journalism. Tackles like this get yellow cards a lot of the time even since the introduction of VAR! If you want to improve the game start taking aim against how easily modern day players go down to ‘win’ free kicks, something that is ruining the game, or campaign for a foul is a foul and deserves the same punishment no matter where on the pitch it happens!!

  5. Seriously? I agree that was a bad tackle and he should have been sent off against Liverpool. But the rest….? 2 Times he made a back and had a defender fall over him and a bad tackle in 2017….that is 4-5 years ago. That is all the evidence you can come up with to justify this article.
    How many times has he played since 2017 and not had a bad tackle. You make it sound like he is crippling people every game. Bad tackles happen every game. Kane isnt the one making them . Let it go.

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