My Interview With Betting Runner

I recently did an interview with Betting Runner, discussing my life as a blogger and more. Feel free to take a look HERE.

Coming Soon: Our Interview With MP & Author Jim Murphy

This week I managed to get an interview with the extremely busy Jim Murphy. Jim is an MP in the UK, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development no less. He has also just finished and brought out a fascinating book ‘The 10 Football Matches That Changed the World… and the One That Didn’t’ which looks […]

Interview: Gibraltar FA Communications Manager

From the moment the qualifying draw for EURO 2016 was announced one team in Scotland’s Group D stood out for me. It wasn’t our Celtic cousins Ireland or the great German national side. Nope it was new boys Gibraltar that caught my eye. How exciting to have a side in your group that are just […]

Interview: Donald Walker (Scotsman Sports Editor)

On a glorious sunny afternoon it was a treat for me to meet up with The Scotsman’s Sports Editor Donald Walker. We left his offices for a local café and he answered every question I posed him, which was very refreshing as a lot of interviewees can block certain questions. So here is how we […]