My Team & I: Cardiff City

By David Walker Website: Twitter: @freebetsite Why Cardiff City? Growing up in South Wales the majority of football “fans” at school preferred to support the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and even Leeds United. Only a minority supported the Bluebirds when we were in football’s lowest tier during the 1990s and I am proud to […]

My Team & I: Coventry City

By Paul Price Twitter: @Technical_area Website: Why Coventry City? Growing up, I went through the usual childhood behaviour of being something of a glory supporter. Manchester United were my team, although I was never taken to see them play, and then I moved onto Blackburn Rovers. In 1995 I was taken to my first real domestic […]

My Team & I: Dundee Utd

By Blair Grant Website: Twitter: @mightjustget Why Dundee United? I grew up a Kirriemuir, a small town in Angus and everyone there either supported Dundee United or Rangers, or at least it seemed that way in primary school.  None of my family are particularly bothered about football but those who are support Dundee United, […]

My Team & I: FC Porto

By Jasmine Samuels Website: Twitter: @anysoundcloud Why Futebol Clube do Porto? The better question is why not Porto? Of course this doesn’t really answer the question so I’ll get to the question at hand. I was about 12 years of age, and my world, football wise had always been centered on English or Spanish […]

My Team & I: Barnsley

By Dan Williams Website: Twitter: @daninfrance Why Barnsley? Being born in Barnsley, but moving to Huddersfield at the age of four, I only really had one choice to make. The Tykes or the Terriers? It is probably indicative of my personality that, because all of my friends were already big Huddersfield fans, I chose […]

My Team & I: Hoffenheim

  By Saurabh Ananth Website: Twitter: @TheHoffside Why Hoffenheim? Becoming a Hoffenheim fan was quite the process. When starting to follow a new league most people make an impulse decision on who to follow. But for me the Bundesliga was a casual interest that had started in the 90s through FIFA Futbol Mundial and a […]

My Team & I: Udinese

By Sonja Misso Website: Twitter: @SonjaMissio WHY UDINESE? It’s funny, I’m actually asked this question a lot. Except it comes out more like, “Why Udinese?!” The cop out answer would be, “Because my dad was born in Udine and I really had no choice.” Except, that’s not entirely true. My love for Udinese has […]

My Team & I: Benfica

By Carrie Soukup Twitter: myrla_cat Websites: & Why Sport Lisboa e Benfica? Ah, the story. The details kind of change from time to time, so if you have heard a version before… deal with it. (Actually, I haven’t written it down that I’m aware of! just told it.) I was living near Washington, DC, and I […]

My Team & I: Swindon Town

By Scot Munroe Twitter: ScotM87 Website: Why Swindon Town? You may ask why Swindon Town and I say that it is my local team and unlike most football supporters in the town who supports the premier league top 4 clubs, I support my local team through thick and thin. I was only around 7 years […]

My Team & I: Shamrock Rovers

By Amy Eustace Twitter: @sidewaysdown Why Shamrock Rovers? You’d be surprised. I haven’t supported Shamrock Rovers for a very long time – at least not in football terms.  There are vast ranks of Rovers fans who have followed them (and when I say followed, I mean in every sense of the word) the ‘Hoops’ for […]