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  1. Chelsea’s Ashley Cole will equal Kenny Sansom’s record as most capped England left-back if selected for Tuesday’s Euro 2012 qualifier against Montenegro at Wembley.

  2. Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney says England will only become serious challengers on the world stage if the Premier League introduces a winter break as players get too tired.

  3. In the week liverpool hopefully get their club back.. Barca limit who can become a member of their club. One of the models Liverpool supporters were citing as a model for clubs to follow was the members model at Barca. This week the new regime under Sandro Rossell have limited who can become a member. Previously it was an open door all were welcome.. Now you have to be related to a member, be under 14 or have been a member in the past. As a Barca member of barca I find this very sad…. We are closing the door on all who may wish to join us….

  4. Hi, I was just reading the Me, My Team and I section, find it very interesting and an intriguing read. I noticed nobody has done Nottingham forest yet and being a life long fan and student journalist I would love the chance to give it a go. I write for my University Newspaper also and it would be good for my portfolio.



  5. Is the Northern League United match on youtube yet ?
    Thank you

  6. No. It will be coming on to this site on a Thursday.

  7. Please do more articles on the fantastic Highland League

  8. Hi,

    Thought you might be interested in featuring my latest YouTube video on your website of me doing football skills down the aisle on my wedding day! Check it out here…



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  10. Please barca president should make a move for another nice coach for the team. I believe judge sampoali is a every nice coach for team.luis enrique time is up and prayers are not happy with anymore. Barca bold of director should move fast for chile coach he is a very nice manege he will maneg the team very well.and should allways listen to the prayers whenever there need some changes

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