Why Rangers Striker Alfredo Morelos Reminds Me Of Celtic Hero Chris Sutton

You always get these players that the home support love and every other support seems to hate. At Rangers, that current player is Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos. Back in the day, Celtic forward Chris Sutton had the same reputation. Sutton used to be hated by opposing fans but the Hoops faithful really appreciated him. Why? […]

Former Celtic Man Sutton Was A Player Opposition Fans Loved To Hate

Chris Sutton the player was much like Chris Sutton the pundit: People seem to either love him or hate him. Those that enjoy his work will say he’s passionate and honest, while those that dislike him will say he’s arrogant and biased. Growing up I supported the blue half of Glasgow and that meant Sutton […]

Chris Sutton Does A Great Job Representing Scottish Football

Ok I’m not going to lie, I didn’t like Chris Sutton when I first heard him doing co-commentary or punditry on BT Sport. I though he was monotonous, boring and a bit uninterested. But the former English forward has settled into his role and he’s made a few observations that have riled up with viewers, […]

BT Sport Blunder With Chris Sutton As Co-Commentator!

I am not going to lie, when Liverpool announced that Gary McAllister was going to be their new first-team coach my initial concern was ‘Who will BT Sport replace Gary with on co-comms duty for Scottish football games?‘ Well today we had Chris Sutton joining Derek Rae in the commentary box. For me, it will […]