Book Review: Danish Dynamite

Danish Dynamite by Rob Smyth, Lars Eriksen and Luke Gibbons. Books can be a wonderful tool to take you back in time and help you learn about an era that you didn’t really know existed. As a kid born in the eighties, I became interested in football domestically in 1989. In 1990 I watched my […]

Live Football From Professionals

The football season in the most prestigious leagues of the planet has started, which means that now millions of fans from all over the world can enjoy the play of the best players. And now it can be done in live mode, which saves time greatly. It is enough to visit our website to see […]

Why Mobile Phones And Football Don’t Mix!

It’s funny how mobile phones have became such an integral part in our every day lives. At a quick glance we can be in the pub and suddenly find out who’s the oldest player to win a World Cup, it’s Italy’s Dino Zoff by the way (yes I Googled it!). Blind people can use apps on […]

The Benefits Of Training On Artificial Grass

Whatever level of football you play at, being able to have consistent training sessions throughout the season is vital to match preparation and maintaining fitness levels. As we head into the lovely weather that winter brings, training can often be disrupted either through waterlogged pitches or even frozen grass. So you may be thinking about […]

Footballers And Cycling

Football and cycling can go hand in hand at times. There’s obvious dangers, 1970s England star Kevin Keegan demonstrated that perfectly as he competed on TV show Superstars and fell dramatically off his bike. Kevin would have been far better off had he gone to Dave’s Bikes to get the best possible bike. In a […]

Win A Meet & Greet With Alan McInally and a Savile Rogue Cashmere Scarf!

  Have a sensational Christmas and head over to Savile Rogue and take a look at the home of football’s finest scarves. I can definitely see Santa wearing the above red and white scarf this year! Savile Rogue are certainly in the festive mood and have a competition for you to enter… Win a meet & […]

Thirteen Footballers Mistaken For Horses

We all know that many footballers have an inflated ego. In fact some consider themselves stallions of the pitch. The age old saying applies: “if it looks like a horse, sounds like a horse and walks like a horse, it is probably a professional footballer”. We wouldn’t be surprised to see these running down the […]

The Internet Brings Football Closer

I grew up without the internet, my childhood and early teens consisted of reading newspapers/magazines, watching teletext and listening to radio to get all my football news. It was never enough. My generation would be the last that would need to depend on things like World Soccer magazine to find out results from the leagues […]

Betting On The Football… Is It Worth It?

I feel that I am fairly knowledgable when it comes to football. I can spot a good player, write about the game and I can certainly talk about it! I also have a long history with the betting industry, my grandfather was a bookmaker before retiring about ten years ago. As a fifteen year old […]

Clermont Turns To Helena Costa To Coach New Era

When people think of French league football they usually think about Ligue 1 and are usually gravitate towards teams like PSG, Monaco, Lyon or Marseille. But next season a lot more eyes will be on Ligue 2 and in particular at Clermont Foot. Why? Well they have just announced that they are going to have […]