50 Football Blogs/Sites You Must Look At!

I always think its nice to share. The worldwide web is full of great things… No not just porn!

We have some fantastic, diverse and unique footballing websites out there. So I have taken it upon myself to let you all know which sites I like and why. Its like free advertising but hopefully you can find one, two or even a whole host of new blogs or websites that grab your attention.

I have kept away from the mainstream media. For me if you want general football news and views you can’t beat the Guardian’s coverage. For Scottish Football checkout STV.

So here is my list, in no particular order.

French Football Weekly – http://frenchfootballweekly.com/

This is a must for all French football loving fans.

They were banging on about Eden Hazard a few years ago, when EPL fans had no clue who he was. The site is clear and well designed. The writing is always enthusiastic and thats why I love it!

Particular highlights are the interviews with Lorient president Loic Fery, the Le 50 (a guide to the top young talents in France) and the features on the lesser known French clubs… Its not all PSG you know.

Hope they revisit the Hall of Fame feature soon. Plus checkout the podcast and online shop.

In Bed With Maradona – http://inbedwithmaradona.com/

The old man of the footballing websites, but with age comes genius, well it does in this case.

They are revolutionaries and always willing to provide a platform for quality writers whether they are well known or not. They’ve had amazing contributions over the years with names such as Iain MacIntosh, Dan Brennan, Stuart Fuller, Jack Lang and many, many more using IBWM as a base for fine work. Many of the great features have then found their way onto World Soccer.

The yearly Top 100 is a wonderful list that showcases the best young talents that world football has to offer. One of my favourite parts of the site is the Subculture section that is regularly updated and includes a look at top footballing art, videos and fashion.

They now have a book out, so have a look at that if you can. The thing that stands out with IBWM is the constant attention to wonderful writing that looks at topics that aren’t the norm.

The Footy Blog – http://blogs.thescore.com/footyblog/

No not even I am that bigheaded to stick my own blog on this list. These blogs are on football and can be located at Canadian sports site the Score.

The blogs from editor Richard Whittall are always interesting and relevant to the ‘soccer’ news of that week. With contributions from the likes of Paolo Bandini, Jarrad Peters, Michael Cox and Ben Lyttleton you can be guaranteed most leagues are covered and in a superb way.

Regularly updated, there is always something good to read on this site.

Alba Espana – http://albaespana.net/

A new site and its still finding its feet.

But with Gary Linton you have a writer who gives his all to research and eager to please with his writing. Its obvious he has a love for Spanish football and wants others to share in that love.

Although he does the odd match preview, I enjoy it when Gary takes a look at players or stories that catch his attention like Fernando Torres, Isco and the young French players finding there way in La Liga. Also checkout his interview with Sky Sports Terry Gibson.

I hope Gary finds more time to write in a regular fashion about stories that interest him from the Spanish game, a few more interviews would be great too. A very good start and lets hope there is more to come in 2013!

The Scottish Football Bloghttp://www.scottishfootballblog.co.uk/

Probably the best independent site dedicated to Scottish football!

Why Tom doesn’t write an opinion piece for a Sunday newspaper is beyond me. The man gets Scottish football and puts it into words that everyone understands.

He isn’t the most prolific but when he writes most of us with any interest in the Scottish game read what he has to say. Although he is a Hibee, he isn’t overly biased, in actual fact he isn’t scared at having a go at his club if they need it.

The voice of reason with added humour and a touch of sarcasm. The man wrote a blog every hour for 24 hours straight in the name of charity and raised around £1200. Although he probably didn’t blog again for a month!

Slavic Football Union http://sfunion.net/

There is a huge amount to learn about when it comes to Eastern European football and what better place to find out more about it than at the SF Union.

The site keeps you up to date in the latest goings on in places like Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Romania and the like. The features are were my interest perks up as the writers take a look at what make Eastern football so special, whether it be a player, coach, club, rivalry or the politics.

The website has a wealth of knowledge and will hopefully go from strength to strength in the future.

Rinaldi’s Blog – http://giancarlorinaldi.tumblr.com/

Giancarlo Rinaldi is an Italian Scots journalist that loves nothing more than having a sip of grappa while writing about his beloved Fiorentina.

The series in the blog where Giancarlo or a guest author writes up to 100 words on their Calcio legends is one of the best in the footballing community around today. Full of passion, it allows the readers a chance to remember back to days when the Italian league was undoubtably the best in the world.

When reading the blog, make sure to look back through the archives as there are so many gems to view. The story of how difficult it was for the young Giancarlo based in Scotland to buy a Fiorentina strip was definitely a favourite of mine.

The blog is also a good way to keep up to date with what Giancarlo has written for others.

Zonal Marking – http://www.zonalmarking.net/

What can I say about Zonal Marking that hasn’t already been said?

Probably nothing.

The amount of work Michael Cox puts into this site is remarkable. He seems to watch between 5-10 games every weekend. Not only will he watch them but he must study them, that has to be very draining. To concentrate for 90 minutes on tactics, formations and individual players runs etc must be tiring but Michael does it without complaining and that shows true commitment to his website and its viewers.

It may well have started out as a niche but Michael has made it worthwhile and his profile has broken the glass ceiling with paid gigs aplenty.

Well worth its status as one of the best football sites going!

The Belgian Waffle – http://thebelgianwaffle.co.uk/

Brilliant name and a great site.

We all know Belgian footballers are taking over the world but they have a domestic game too.

The Belgian Waffle will tell you more about the players making a name for themselves in Europe’s top leagues, will look at the national team and will also tell you about the latest goings on in the domestic league.

Now Chris is another who isn’t as prolific as I’d like but his knowledge for this smaller country and its football is admirable. His views on Eden Hazard and Christian Benteke gather some criticism from those that love those players.

Hasta El Gol Siempre – http://hastaelgolsiempre.com/

This English speaking site has been around since 2007. Englishman Sam Kelly runs the site and more importantly stays in Buenos Aires. So he is in the thick of the action when it comes to Argentine football.

Regularly updated with match reports and weekend round-ups, the site is essential for those who want to know about the ins and outs of the Argentinean domestic scene. The blog has helped get Sam noticed and he has been used by ESPN, IBWM and W.S.C.

Also checkout the ‘Hand of Pod’ podcast that Sam takes part in and the tours page if you are thinking of going to Argentina and taking in a game.

Tic Tac Tic – http://www.tictactic.co.uk/

Its hard to find an Old Firm website that isn’t over taken by morons looking to have a go at rival fans.

With Tic Tac Tic you have a site dedicated to looking at the tactics Celtic employ during games. Its not over the top or overly biased, it simply gives a critique of the formations and tactics that Neil Lennon uses for the Hoops.

Many questioned if anyone in the Scottish game used tactics, well after the two games against Barcelona this season Lennon showed Europe that Celtic can handle themselves tactically in the biggest stage of them all.

So this site is a must if you want to find out where Charlie Mulgrew is playing these days and where the team win or lose a game. The other highlight to this blog is that we also get to see the tactics of the opposition.

Should be on every Celtic fans bookmarks and also one for any lover of tactics and chalkboards.

Global Football Today – http://globalfootballtoday.com/

Obviously with Brent as my podcast co-host I was going to include his site. But in fairness its a cracking site with a bit of everything from everywhere.

The MLS is well covered with the contributions from dedicated MLS club bloggers. So find out more from teams like LA Galaxy, Sporting KC and Columbus Crew.

They also cover both the US womens and mens national teams as well as having a look at most of the main leagues throughout the world.

Have a look at it yourself and learn more from the fans of the MLS about their own clubs.

Dispatches From A Football Sofa – http://dispatchesfromafootballsofa.com/

I love Greg’s writing.

He looks at current stories within the game and then matches them up with his life, current affairs and a good helping of humour.

I liked his article on how as we get older the romance of international tournament football seems to become diluted. He is in his element when writing about his own Spurs side, where he will attack the side or at his fellow fans depending on his mood.

A superb writer who offers so much more than just simple football opinion.

90 Minutes of Hopp http://www.90minutesofhopp.com/

There is something infectious and amusing about Sonja’s work.

She keeps you entertained whether its by speaking of her love for Swiss football or for Udinese or for FC Toronto… Equally she is just as entertaining if she posts up an article screaming about how those same topics have made her hate ‘soccer’!

Her photoshopped pictures with her and her ‘heroes’ are hysterical and her infatuation with Mario Balotelli and Chad Barrett border on the creepy but again she manages to get away with it.

Also follow her as she tries to oust Sepp and become the new president of FIFA.

Miniboro – http://miniboro.com/

Its not all about the words. Although at Miniboro there is some fine interviews with various people including some Middlesborough legends.

But for me what makes this site is the fantastic art pieces, like the one above for Brian Laudrup.

The pictures are full of colour, detail and have a touch of humour about them just look at the Edgar Davids and Carlos Valderrama pieces. You can buy these posters or t-shirts too, so make sure you go to the online store. My Garrincha poster is framed and has pride of place on my wall.

The new Sense and Sensi-bility animations are wonderful and I hope artist Steve can find more time to produce more.

A Football Report – http://afootballreport.com/

A fantastic independent football website with a host of talented writers.

No topic seems to be off limits with every corner of the world covered. Recently there was a good piece on Nike selling Umbro, there is also a nice look at players that wear number six and nice article on what its like to be an American fan. Check back through the archives for some more terrific pieces including Amy Eustace’s comparisons between Newcastle and Udinese.

Founded by the Beard brothers there is no doubt this site is built its success around great loyal writers.

Lovely Left Foot http://lovelyleftfoot.com/web/

This site is great at providing a platform for new exciting writers.

They have two super series on the go, that are always fun to look through. They are; the ‘Lovely Left Footers’ which surprisingly enough look at great players who play with their left feet and ‘one hit wonders’ which looks at teams that had great but limited success.

Also try and find time for the LLF’s fine podcasts!

Backpage Football – http://backpagefootball.com/

This was one of the first sites that really took my interest and made me want to write.

Irish based and the stuff on Irish football is always interesting as is their articles on the EPL. But look out for the hidden masterpieces like the stuff on the Australian A-League.

Always consistent with relevant, interesting stories and opinions. A site that should be on every football fans bookmarks. They too have a successful podcast.

The Football Attic – http://thefootballattic.blogspot.co.uk/

They make it cool to be geeky!

Love this site and its only recently turned a year old. Updated by Richard and Chris, they reminisce about football nostalgia that we all loved to have as we grew up.

Things like Subbuteo, Panini stickers, old school tracksuits,retro magazines and world cup memorabilia all get the Football Attic treatment.

The League of Blogs idea was great and brought the football blogging community together. Remember to check out their shop. A nice niche site.

Swiss Ramble – http://swissramble.blogspot.co.uk/

An outstanding site that stands out as the best when dealing with football and finances.

In this day and age football is becoming more and more like a business and less like a sport. Football fans need to learn more about economics just so they can understand why they can’t spend so much in a transfer window. This is where Swiss Ramble comes in.

Huge on research, no stone is left unturned when looking at a clubs financial means. His take on Arsenal is impressive as was his look at the problems facing AC Milan.

Clubs must dread when Swiss Ramble sets his sites on their books. A quality website, that I read every time he posts something new.

3nil – http://www.threenil.com/

Again its not all about words when it comes to the online community. We have great shops out there too, full of unique items I am desperate to buy!

Thanks to my friend Andrew Gibney, I have recently came across this new site from Australia that sells wonderful t-shirts designed by 3nil. My personal favourites are the Leo, Zizou and on/offside shirts.

I also love the Bernabeu posters and think the iphone covers are interesting.

Definitely worth a look, especially with Christmas coming up!

A United View – http://aunitedview.blogspot.co.uk/

As a blog it isn’t all about Sheffield United, its about all things football but it usually comes from a Sheffield United fans perspective as Ian is in fact a United fan.

His look back at Charles Green’s time as Chief Executive at Bramall Lane was one of the first sources Rangers and other Scottish football fans went to, so they could learn more about the man. He touched on the Ched Evans case and that article was honest, raw and hard hitting. Those are the qualities you get from this blog, opinions from an honest man.

There are also some fine interviews with former Blades players such as Brian Deane and Alan Kelly.

Its a blog that is a must for Sheffield United fans but its also one that any football fan can appreciate.

Bundesliga Fanatic – http://bundesligafanatic.com/

“Bundesliga Fanatic has long been a must-read for everyone interested in German football – and it just got better still”. That is not a quote from me but respected German journalist Raphael Honigstein. So who am I to argue?

Full of German news and features the site has a professional feel to it.

The scandalous story about how the Bild helped Germany to win the World Cup by Niklas Wildhagen is a fascinating read. The team also work hard in translating great interviews from German into English, a particular favourite was one about the dark side of German fan culture.

The Germans are known for being efficient and this site sums up that trait perfectly. An enjoyable site to read.

Left Back in the Changing Room – http://leftbackinthechangingroom.blogspot.co.uk/

This blog probably reminds me more of mine than any other out there. Its not to glossy, it relies on good story telling and Rob Marrs has that down to a tee.

Never scared to touch any topic, Rob is always available to offer an opinion and actively seeks comments whether they agree with him or not.

Always on hand to talk about Liverpool, Scotland and remembering his favourite players. Every week there are new stories in football and its always fun to seek out Rob’s thoughts on them.

A site just like this but with better writing.

Snap Kaka Pop http://snapkakapop.blogspot.co.uk/

Now first off can I say what a genius Jack Lang is, this blog name has to win first prize for best name ever! Also worth pointing out Jack is a fantastic writer.

If there is anything worth writing about when it comes to Brazilian football then chances are Jack has already written about them. His passion for the Brazilian national team knows no bounds and his enthusiasm jumps out of the screen. Having met him, I can confirm he is just as passionate talking about Brazil in real life too!

A wonderfully talented writer who still manages to find time for his blog despite callings from all the media to do stuff for them.

JuventiKnows – http://juventiknows.com/

Juventus are one of the best supported teams in the world, so it makes sense that they’d have a terrific fan run website like this.

All the Co-founders are diehard Juve supporters and all terrific writers in their own right too.

What I love about this site is that it is dedicated to all things Juventus – whether that be team news, news stories, features and looking at the clubs history.

Also its fantastic that they take time out to report on the youth teams, a sign of true dedication. For all your Juventus needs then you need to go no further than this website.

Ekstraklasa Review http://ekstraklasareview.wordpress.com/

Who on earth knows anything about Polish football? Well this website for one.

Interest in Polish football has increased this year what with the Euros and then Sports Tonight Live showing live games each weekend from the Polish League. So demand in writer Ryan Hubbard has been high.

Ryan brings this still some what unknown league to life in this blog. Telling us more about the leagues, the teams and the players that play in them.

He provides reports on the national team, who are in England’s World Cup qualifying group.

Another blog that shows there is more to European football than just the top 4 leagues.

On Goals Scored http://www.ongoalsscored.com/

Can football data really be changed into art? Yes yes it can, just checkout this site if you don’t believe me.

It’s so interesting to look at fancy pictures and then relate it to football statistics. Don’t get me wrong I look and look and still don’t really get the science behind it but the pictures are so pretty.

Definitely unique and creative. A big thumbs up for a talented, exciting blog.

From A Girl Who Loves The Gunners – http://ibelieveinarsenal.arseblog.com/

Some club specific blogs are just unashamedly biased… That is the case with Sian’s on Arsenal and she makes no apologies for that.

She is very, very passionate about the Gunners and very protective of there players. Heaven help you if you leave though, I don’t think Robin or Samir will ever be forgiven.

Sian is to the point and very witty. She is able to slag off opposition players, managers and fans with such sarcasm that it makes you smile to just remember the put downs, months afterwards. Her goodbye letter to Cesc Fabregas was also very touching.

A nice, dare I say cooky individual, whose rants can make you smile as long as you are not on the end of them.

Spirit of Mirko – http://spiritofmirko.com/

Another unique and very interesting blog. This time from the mind of a man who calls himself Mirko Bolesan (A Cardiff City trialist) yet that is not his real name!

Not many sites have the imagination to review a teams seasons by using word clouds. Credit for the above picture goes to Tagxedo. Another one for nostalgia lovers as we look back at games, toys and books from years past. Also another stats lover.

This site is a great resource tool for African football and already has its first preview up on the 2013 African Nations Cup.

Forza Italian Football – http://forzaitalianfootball.com/

I love Italian football. So I need to find places to feed that love and one of the best is this site.

It includes news on Serie A and Serie B as well as the Azzurri. They take a look at the Italian newspaper headlines and cracking features on Calcio.

I enjoy looking at the Classic Calico section, which features players and figures of the past. There is also a nice tactics section. Plus a terrific podcast.

Dan Leydon Illustration – http://danleydon.tumblr.com/

Another fantastic site from a wonderfully creative artist. The above drawing came within hours of Zlatan dismantling England.

His page lights up with tales told to us in comic book form. They can be imaginative and funny. His illustration of Neymar was beyond creative and took my breathe away.

Have to check it out if you like art, comics and football!

I Like Football Mehttp://ilikefootballme.wordpress.com/

Another blog by a Glaswegian like myself. But unlike me, Euan concentrates on Brazilian football and unlike me he doesn’t need to put up with the Glasgow weather as he is now based in Sao Paulo (Lucky so an so!).

Its regularly updated with top class match reports from the Brazilian leagues. What makes Euan’s site different is that his analysis of the games are second to none. He waxes lyrical on formations and tactics and has the chalkboards well drawn and gives us readers a greater understanding of the Brazilian domestic game.

A superb base if you want to know more about Brazilian football especially the tactics.

The Away End – http://www.theawayend.net/

A Scottish football website that goes beyond the Old Firm and the SPL.

The site is a big supporter of the womens game and although I am not a fan of the TV show (For technical reasons) its great that The Away End gives the ladies much needed exposure.

With their link up with a Scottish Uni journalism course, the writers you see on the site are the possible future of Scottish football writing. There’ss also a very informative podcast that has very knowledgable guests who discuss the latest goings on in Scottish football.

The Stiles Council – http://www.thestilescouncil.com/

Now we have had club specific blogs so why not one for international sides?

Well this effort by Chris Nee is dedicated to the English national team for his sins (although that is a bit rich from me, a Scottish fan). Its nice to see someone step away from all the club stuff and get right into the international scene.

So the site is full of match previews, looks at the squad picked by Roy, glances at the U21s and obviously talks about results and where England go next.

1970 PSG – http://1970psg.com/

Another superb club specific blog for a team outside of the UK.

There is no doubt that PSG are fast becoming an elite club in Europe. This blog gives you the run down of all the goings on in Paris like how is Zlatan settling in, is Carlos boys doing well in Ligue 1 and much more.

With Ross Mackiewicz at the helm you are guaranteed a stylish blog with some great writing too.

Be sure to check this out before PSG rule Europe.

Bundesliga Football – http://bundesligafootball.co.uk/

Another relatively new website but has already started making a name for itself with a great look at German football.

A particular highlight for me, are the interviews these guys get. From Kevin De Bruyne to Thomas Schaaf to Michael Mancienne to Thomas Hitzlsperger. A lot of that seems to be down to Ross Dunbar, so well done him.

But in fairness all their columnists are up there with their German knowledge and writing. Its a site that looks to be on its way up.

Roker Report – http://www.rokerreport.com/

Its not only fancy foreign sides that can do club specific blogs well you know. This effort on Sunderland is a cracker.

They look in-depth at the goings on with the team, they question the manager when they have to and provide strong match previews and reports.

I love the fact they get bloggers or fans from the teams they are about to play to get the lowdown on the opposition and see if they fancy their chances.

Once again listen to their podcast. A nice well rounded site that should make Sunderland fans proud of at least one thing this season.

Who Scored – http://www.whoscored.com/

This website is absolutely great for getting your stats. At a quick glance you can spot how many cards a team has picked up or what their pass completion rate is.

All of the top leagues in Europe are covered.

Its also nice that their are interesting blogs that go beyond the stats which give their articles starting points. For example Alistair Tweedale explains in his latest blog that although WBA are 5th in the EPL, only Reading and Stoke have averaged less in possession this season!

Top insight and a great team there, that must have the patience of saints to keep on top of all the stats.

Two Hundred Percent – http://www.twohundredpercent.net/

Another fine site that has been around for years and has already deservedly won a lot of acclaim.

Like all sites they are dependent on writers and they are lucky that they have a collection of good ones here. I particularly liked Mark’s take on Old firm fans and also highlighted the problem we have in the West of Scotland with stupid idiots allowed to phone in radio stations. Ian King’s look at Hereford United was also fascinating.

Seems to keep itself to the British game, but their is nothing wrong in that. Always good for an interesting read.

The Real FA Cup – http://therealfacup.co.uk/

The FA Cup doesn’t start in the Third Round you know!

Damon and Simon prefer good honest football to the money spinning faux-glamours stuff that the EPL provides. So they concentrate on The Fa Cup before all the so called big boys join the fray.

They take in games involving teams most of us haven’t even heard of and they re-tell the tale to us all on the blog. Full of weird and wonderful stories that you will only encounter from the lower league sides, this is a terrific blog and open to new writers who share in their love.

Gets back to the grass roots. An inspired website.

Blagul Fotboll – http://blagulfotboll.wordpress.com/

Andy Hudson has stop jumping from stadium to stadium and seems set on Swedish football.

He loves the game over there and he will answer all your questions on players leaving that league for your team. His interviews with the characters involved in the Swedish game are always insightful. A nice piece on the hopes for AIK as it was full of useful information.

Once criticism I have is Andy doesn’t write enough on the site. Now its easy for me to say as I don’t have to travel to Sweden or try and find dodgy streams. Plus there is the matter of his real job. Hopefully we will see more from Andy talking about the Swedes come the turn of the year.

Ross County Tactics – http://rosscountytactics.com/

Another fine blog for the wannabe coaches out there and the tactical lovers.

John Maxwell uses his chalkboards to show off the fine tactics employed by SPL newcomers Ross County. Now I am sure many of you haven’t heard of Dingwall, well broaden your minds and learn about their teams style of play.

John provides a great overview of County’s home games and looks at how the team are set up and illustrates his points through things as simple as Subbuteo men.

One more point for a geeks imagination. Brilliant!

The Elastico – http://www.theelastico.com/

The Elastico is a tremendous site full of different layers.

The scouting part of the site, where they look at up and coming talents is very impressive and detailed. A site for all those wanting to know about the worlds top young stars.

Another fine independent site that gets good interviews with the likes of Arsenal’ s Andre Santos and Ghanian striker Asamoah Gyan talking to the Elastico.

PortuGOAL.net http://www.portugoal.net/

The Portuguese game has been huge in the past what with the European successes of Benfica and Porto. So I’d have thought that it wouldn’t be so hard to find a good English speaking website.

Well there is at least PortuGoal and to be fair it covers all your needs. With Ben Shave on board it was always going to be a success. Its not just Ben though, Stephen Gillet wrote a great piece on how the influx of Braga stars into the national team show that the big three are using less home talent.

We have a look at the leagues, the clubs (not just the big three) and the players. Plus the international team is well covered too.

For a league with such passionate fans, there had to be a Portuguese site worthy of an entry into this list. Obrigado PortuGOAL.

The Two Unfortunates – http://thetwounfortunates.com/

What there is more to English football than just the Premier League? Are you sure?

The Two Unfortunates is a fine blog that caters for the masses that enjoy the football league, you know the English leagues outside of the Premier League.

Generous with their time and they are always on the lookout for new voices to speak their mind about the teams in the football league. There is also a great networks page where they put up bloggers for each of the teams.

Blueprint for Football – http://www.blueprintforfootball.com/

This is a blog I have only recently stumbled across and I really enjoyed the articles that they have put up so far.

They seem to concentrate mainly on youth football. The interview/article based on Hamilton Accies and their academy coach was excellent and found its way onto the IBWM website. The articles on the restructuring of Scottish football were also of a good standard.

Hopefully its only the start for this site and we see a lot more from them in the future.

Tall Coconuts – http://www.tallcoconuts.com/

What is it with Brazilian football and fine writers? They seem to go together like… Well Brazil and World Cups.

At Tall Coconuts we have yet another superb writer in James Young. The site gives us a peek at some of his great works that generally end up in places like the Telegraph or IBWM but its nice to visit his site and find a collection of his work in the one place. So you don’t miss anything.

His piece looking at how a returning Kaka might save Neymar’s prayers in the national time was a top read.


Football Espana http://www.football-espana.net/ 

When a league can boast the likes of Messi and Ronaldo and has the mighty Barca and Real in it. Then you need to find a site that will cater for all your La Liga needs! Also lets not forget Spain have a not too shabby international side either.

Well at Football Espana they have a wonderful team of writers that on paper (if they could only use paper) could give the Spanish side a run for their money. With talent like Kieran Canning, Joel Richards, Rob Paton, Mina Rzouki, Olly Dawes and David Cartlidge on board then they have a steady ship.

Up to the minute news headlines, good features and nice blogs its good that this site is going places. Your one stop shop for Spanish football.

Also checkout their sister site http://www.football-italia.net/ . Although I would prefer it if they didn’t use the same writers as regularly as they do.


Savile Rogue – http://www.savile-rogue.com/

As you might have guessed already looking through this list, I like things that are unique and with Savile Rogue they offer you that in the form of cashmere scarves in the colours of your football team.

The scarves look amazing and if anyone wants to get me one for Christmas then they will be my friend for life. With pretty much every English and Scottish team covered you are spoilt for choice. Lovers of teams abroad will also enjoy the fact that many of the teams from distant lands are covered too. Have a look and see if your team are there.

Some clubs also have matching socks too.

The scarves aren’t cheap but it is cashmere and at £50-£70 they aren’t really that dear either.

This is very much up my street.


So there you have it. My list of 50 different football inspired websites, that I believe are well worth a nosey.

I hope you managed to stay awake and enjoyed this long piece. I will probably stay away from writing for at least 48 hours now!

This is all about sharing and showing my appreation for some great sites out there. If your website or your favourite site isn’t listed then it will be down to various reasons like ‘I forgot’, ‘Have never seen it’, ‘It  nearly got in’ or ‘I simply don’t like you’.

Feel free to use the comments page to highlight your favourite sites.

Thank you!

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  1. When you publish Football Italia’s younger brother without even mentioning his older brother. That’s a huge mistake!

    Best all round news site on Italian Football for english-speaking fans!

    And I believe an honorary mention should be give to http://www.blogistuta.com

  2. What no http://www.htfc-world.com ? -it’s the funniest cartoon football report site going… 😉

  3. Jody – I mentioned Football Italia & linked to them. I think the Spanish version is less mainstream & I already had an Italian site on the list. Blogistuta is a very good shout.

    Adam – Never seen it before but it does look good.

  4. Cheers for the plug Scott! What fantastic company too. I’ve also been enjoying Stewar Cosgrove’s http://scottishfootballmonitor.wordpress.com/ (well i think it’s mostly him anyway)

    Thanks again

  5. Tictactic – No problem, you deserve to be on there. Cosgrove called me a cunt once haha.

  6. Thanks for the mention, Scott. Very kind.

    I’m winding down RossCountyTactics to an extent, as being a co-editor on tellhimhespele.com takes a lot of my spare time now!

    All the best

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    Taking the opportunity to welcome all Brazilian football lovers to check out http://anythingpalmeiras.com – specialised, of course, on São Paulo-based eight times Brazilian Champions S.E. Palmeiras.

    Have a great weekend!

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    Sorry to hear that John its a great site and deserves to be on the list. I will need to checkout http://tellhimhespele.com/

  9. Hello Scott
    (just sent you a mail but bounced back )

    just seen your Top 50 Blog/Sites you must look at , excellent stuff…..
    Personal favourite and most complete for me is IBWM !

    hope we can make the next one !
    have a quick browse at http://www.elbalonazo.net


  10. Sorry Paul, I am having problems with my email. Trying to fix it as we speak. Thanks for the kind words and I can;t argue with the assessment of IBWM.

    I will make sure and have a look at your site later.

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  13. Cheers for the kind words on Blueprint For Football.

  14. Personal thanks for me and the guys at the Fanatic. Really appreciate it and keep up the great work yourself!

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  16. Hi Scott,

    Thank-you ever so much for those kind words on 1970 PSG. Really does make the work all worthwhile! 🙂 Absolute pleasure to be associated with such esteemed company.

    Thanks again mate!

  17. Christian & Ross – No worries guys, love your sites, keep up the good work.

  18. You missed SofaFootball.com Brilliant website!!

  19. Hi Scott,

    Really enjoyed your list here for 2012. In fact it helped us start a little blogs section ourselves on our website.

    Are you going to be ploughing the blogosphere for 2013?

  20. Scott,

    Great list and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    One recommendation that I think should be considered is The Youth Radar. It’s a pretty decent blog about a subject that doesnt get much coverage!

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    Can’t help but think a website called The youth radar should be on this list. http://.theyouthradar.com – a great niche explored in detail!

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    Think that http://evertoniansclub.com would have been a good addition to the list if anyone is interested.

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    We are a no cost scouting platform aiming to give grassroots talent a better chance at taking steps towards pro football.


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