SFL Decision Day Caught On Film

A look from start to finish at the way the media covered the historic day at Hampden where the SFL decided Newco Rangers fate.

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  1. Nice to see an angle that doesn’t have a mainstream media slant of what happened yesterday. That being said, although your camera work looks good much of the commentary and especially the interview with Alex Thompson has overtones of condescension and lacks real insight. Rather it sounds like what it perhaps not trying to be, it is simply commentary and not actual insightful journalism.

    I’d say don’t be afraid to put the boot in a little. It doesn’t have to single out individuals but we can all recognise how poorly the whole situation has been handled. We need more coverage that analyses why such an event could happen rather than simply repeating or toeing the line being released by those in power.

    Apologies if this is overly harsh, but I feel you could have done far more with what you had.

  2. Ok not sure what insight you are looking for.

    I certainly didn’t toe any lines. Also I am not a journalist, never claimed to be.

    There would have been no point in me doing a news agenda piece. More than three news stations were there covering the event using live feeds. So the news would have been gone by the time I got round to telling it.

    lacks insight?

    Where else have you seen on a blog, professional video produced by that blog? Where else have you seen that story from that angle?

    Now it might not have interested you and that is fair enough but I feel it is insightful to those who a) Have no real idea how big 24 hour news stories are covered. b) Those that have an interest in how the press works or are wanting to become journalists.

    The interview with Alex Thomson was off the cuff. We had no idea that would happen. The process had to be done very quickly as he had a job to do. I ask why he was there, basically had he stolen sources from Scottish media (a question that certainly doesn’t toe the line) and what outcome he expected. Thats an insight into him or as much as he wants to give away.

    The piece wasn’t about my opinion or why this has happened, I have written plenty about that on here. It was simply a film that showed how the media covered the story.

  3. Interesting and a good take on the day’s events. As you say in your reply to Elliott’s somewhat churlish comments, there was no point in you covering the news story itself.

    The “step back” approach showing the media provides a useful insight. I didn’t find the interview with Alex Thompson condescending at all but he was never likely to reveal anything he didn’t want to I guess.

  4. Loved this. Something different.

  5. […] Our angle was less of a news item but more of a behind the scenes…how the media covered the day. This is my take on the day and Scott edited his own version which you can see here   http://www.thefootyblog.net/2012/07/14/sfl-decision-day-caught-on-film/ […]

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