New TV Show: Harry Managing Abroad

The Russian FA have announced a shortlist for their vacant national manager’s position. On it included some Russian names, big world names such as Marcello Lippi and Fabio Capello and then the name that really stood out…                  Harry Redknapp!

It got me thinking and along with Matt Kenny on Twitter, we came up with the best football documentary ever ‘Harry Managing Abroad!’.

Basically we get cameras following Harry Redknapp as he ventures to different countries, managing their football teams.

Lets say he gets the Russian job.

Well we follow Harry as he sets off from his Sandbanks home in the South of England and he goes to pick up assistant Kevin Bond and they set off to catch the ferry to France.

After they have a wee booze cruise in Calais picking up some wine, beer and spirits. Harry and Kevin set off in Harry’s 4×4 heading for Moscow!


Every so often Harry will give us his words of wisdom, as he chats out of his car window as they stop at motorway motels, rest-stops and service stations.

He can tell us about the sights and cultures of the countries he drives through and what players he knows from these countries. Just think of the things he will see as he goes through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belarus and the west of Russia.

Watch as he suffers road-rage, the two listen to Fifty Shades of Grey on audiobook, play eye-spy, have Redknapp reading the maps and roadsigns. You could get them talking about all things football (that they know).

When they get to Moscow we can see them hunt for a new bachelor pad as they stay with Roman Pavlyuchenko (awkward) until they find that new home.

They could go on a journey doing the touristy things such as Lenin’s tomb (A Harry scouting mission), visit the Kremlin and the fountains in Saint Petersburg. Watch ‘Arry wheel and deal in the local Russian markets.

See where vodka is made and sample the best of them!

Then there is the food.

Harry likes the his jellied eels, so lets see if he likes Uha fish soup. Which is a soup made with an onion, potatoes and fish like the steelhead trout or arctic char.

Mr Redknapp is also a pie and mash man, well how will he enjoy the Pirozhki?

Piroshki is an individual fried/baked bun made from dough. They can be eaten hot or cold and stuffed with things such as Beef, giblets, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, egg or cabbage.

Then the football season starts and Harry flies, drives and sledges all over Russia to scout and chat to the talent. Have him scout opponents in various other countries.

Then we see him meet up with his squad, talk tactics and take training sessions. We shall see how he can include at least 10 midfielders into his national pool.

Follow him to Russian classes as he learns the language (the teachers will no doubt change!) and watch as he learns how to sing the national anthem.

Is there a better sporting/comedy/documentary series out there in TV land?

I seriously doubt it!

The great thing is we don’t need to stop here.

We can have Harry manage anywhere. What about Redknapp and Bond in China, the UAE, the MLS, Australia, the Netherlands, Turkey, Greece or even Brazil!

We don’t even need to stop with Harry.

We could have Ian Holloway in South Africa, Big Sam Allardyce in Japan, Kenny Dalglish in Kazakhstan, Gary Megson in Chile, Diego Maradonna at Accrington Stanley or John Barnes anywhere.

What a great world we would live in, if we could have a TV programme that could give us much as this one would.

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  1. Haha I had this same thought the other day, it’s a fantastic idea for a TV show. Only thing is, if Harry heads to Qatar or the UAE, no bacon sandwiches!

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