Life As A Football Manager

I have always been more interested in becoming a manager more than a player. Don’t know why but I have. In my early school days my friend and myself would have two hobbies. If it was dry outside then we’d go out and play football and if it wasn’t, we would stay in, write down […]

Loving Laudrup

Back in 1992, the European Championships were about to be held in Sweden. The tournament was then thrown into disarray when war broke out in Yugoslavia and with only 10 days to go until kick-off UEFA were forced to invite another nation to the party. Denmark answered the call and the Danish players dragged themselves […]

The Divine One

As the European Championships loom, I have decided to profile some of the best players from my generation to have been selected by countries that will be involved this year. To kick things off I have selected Italy’s Roberto Baggio. Known as ‘Il Divin Codino’ (The Divine Ponytail). Roberto showed me true beauty on a […]

Carlsberg Score With Fan Academy

When Carlsberg do adverts, they go to town. Along with Nike this is my favourite advert for the build up for Euro 2012. Carlsberg don’t do blogs but if they did… It would be this one!