Book Review: Football Fables

Football Fables by Iain Macintosh

Football Fables

Now I love football biographies, mainly from players or coaches over the age of 35. Im not interested in 21 year olds starting their careers buying Bentleys and going out with Big Brother contestants. They might be fantastic footballers but have not lived enough of life for me to to go out and buy their autobiography when they are still in their early 20s.

In this book though the author has decided to have 14 chapters focusing on 15 different footballing characters in certain periods of their lives. For example Carlton Palmer during 1993 when England were failing to qualify for USA94′. It offers a 1st hand account of what it was like being part of that squad that was heavily criticised by the press.

There is a fantastic chapter on Former Norway keeper Espen Baardsen who quit football in 2003 when money was at its peak and he was only 25! He was very decent goalie who had spells with Tottenham and Watford but he just fell out of love with the game. You really should buy this book for this chapter alone and find out what Espen done after football.

The only problem I had with the book is that it is too short but I am hoping that this is because Mr Macintosh is writing another volume.

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