My Team & I: Wolves

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By Jason Guy

Twitter: @Matchshirt

Why Wolves?

My first Wolves game was in 1989 when I was 12. My mother took me to Wolves vs Bristol City in the Sherpa Van Trophy and we stood in the old south bank. Steve Bull scored a hat trick that day, the irony is I’m now a friend of Steve’s! When I mentioned the game to him he couldn’t remember it…..its one I will never forget! I was hooked ever since and have now held a season ticket for 20 years!

Favourite Player?

There can only be one, Stephen George Bull. Growing up in Wolverhampton in the 80s and early 90s they weren’t the most fashionable of clubs. Financial problems, and a dilapidated ground became the backbone of this but along came Graham Turner to steer the club in the right direction and one of his first signings was Bully from our arch rivals the Albi*n for £64,000. 2 seasons and 104 goals later we knew it was good business. And then came England recognition. Any player who gets an England call up whilst in the third tier must be special. Then what did our Bully go and do – score against Scotland. If Carlsberg made footballers…….


Favourite Game?

The play off final 2003, after waiting 19 years, 22 Days, 12 hours and 20 minutes (who’s counting?) for a return to the top flight after so many failed attempts it was all worth it.  Even with a 3-0 at half time we still felt nervous in the second half until super Matt Murray saved Michael Browns penalty midway through – we knew it was our day then!

Favourite Strip?

The first one I ever had!!  The 1989 Manders paints and Ink shirt made by Scoreline!  Retro to the lining!!…doesn’t fit me now though!

89 strip

Worst Thing About Being A Wolves Fan?

The fickle supporters!  Saying that I think it’s a trend most teams suffer!  We all moan and groan but I suppose that’s opinions and that’s what football is all about.  Overall I’ve no complaints!  C’mon yooooou Wooolves!

Funniest Moment?

Glenn Hoddle resigning!  Not a Wolves bone in his body.  He didn’t care about the tradition of the club and still lived his managerial career through his playing days.  Great player, poor manager.

Favourite Moment?

The 2003 play off final, as a grown man of 26 at the time I cried my eyes out at the final whistle, and I’m proud to say that!

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