SKY Get It Right On Mondays

After getting rid of the old boys act that was Richard Keys and Andy Gray, Sky have finally found their best live football show formula.

Monday Night Football (MNF) from now on should always be like it was last night.

Ed Chamberlain as the main presenter and pundit Gary Neville are good together and have a good on screen chemistry. Ed will always ask the questions that the fans will be asking at home. Neville will then answer honestly and in ways in which we can all understand.

I was worried that Gary would be annoying and biased. At times when he is in the co-commentary position he can get that way. But on Monday nights in the studio he is great at analyising both the weekends action and the game that they are covering live that night.

I know certain people have issues with Martin Tyler as a commentator but I still like him, I always have. Yes he makes a mistake or two and yes he says the odd stupid thing like ‘AVB’ instead of Andre Villas Boas. But when you have to regularly comment on something for around 90 minutes then you expect the odd mistake.

The man beside him is important.

I don’t mind Alan Smith or Davie Provan. I dislike both Gary Neville and Ray Wilkins as co-commentators as I think they are better pundits who need time to think about what they are going to say.

On Monday’s I think they should let Matt Le Tissier have that job full time now. He has done the past few shows and again much to my surprise I like him in that role. He has a good manner and doesn’t jump on everything Tyler says. Matt gives the public his views and explains what its like from a players point of view. Also he hasn’t got a catch phrase yet like Wilkins, so that is another big plus.

Its funny because Matt is the complete opposite from Neville or Wilkins, he is a terrible pundit but a good co-commentator. On Soccer Saturday he has often blustered on, failed to make sense and taken about an hour to make a point. He seems to react better working off the cuff. Which is ideal for any co-commentator.

So for me, SKY should keep with this format on Monday’s and keep the team as it is.

I also like the new advert for the MNF project, that gives the viewer an insight into the working day for Gary Neville. It opens a curtain for the viewer and his day will be like that, he will look over the weekend games, he will go over the scripts and have his hair and make up done. SKY should let the viewers in and show them the effort that goes into making their programmes.

Also a bit of advice for SKY don’t over use this format or these people. Learn that Neville isn’t a co-commentator or that the viewers don’t want to see the same old faces doing all the live games that was part of the problem people had with Keys and Gray… That and the blatant sexism.

But for now let me just say well done on Monday Night Football show and keep it up.

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  1. …nice article.. bar letting alan smith off the hook – his commentry is dull, boring and often the words inaudible – he mumbles along and really drains the life out of any game, how he worked upto the ‘top-spot’ job i’ll never know – does no-one from sky listen to them. I find it astonishing the amount of money sky pay to show these games & yet employ the worst co-commentators around! Ray Wilkins is poor too, probably a nice bloke like smith and helps old lady’s etc – but a top grade commentator – Nah! Gary Neville studio – ok, thought Matt Le-tiss was poor & distant actually, lot better co-commentators on radio & sky’s lower league matches..

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