Why The FA Will Let Hull Turn Into The Tigers


Back in 1878, Newton Heath LYR Football Club were formed. In 1892 they took their place in the football league, in Division One no less. After relegation that season, the club would suffer financial difficulties. They would be taken over by four local businessmen, who then decided to change the name from Newton Heath to Manchester United in 1902!

That same club played regularly in green and gold but by 1902 the new owners decided that the club should play in red and as they say the rest is history.

Fast forward a century and we see Hull City AFC fans and the clubs owner engulfed in a battle over the clubs name.

The owner Assem Allam has decided he wants to drop the ‘City AFC’ part of the name and have ‘Hull Tigers’ instead. This has caused outrage from a section of the clubs support.

The fans have demonstrated but their wishes have so far fallen on deaf ears as Allam believes the majority will follow his vision.

Now the clubs supporters have demanded that The FA get involve and block the name change.

But unfortunately for the Hull AFC City devotees The FA will have very little to say about the clubs rebranding scheme. As there are far too many precedents that work in the owners favour.

As I stated earlier Man Utd changed their name and that was before Hull City AFC were even formed.

For an example closer to this era, look at MK Dons. Wimbledon FC were bought over and the new administration decided to relocate as well as change the name. Basically it turned into a franchise like they have in American sports. This was all rubber stamped by The FA.

So how on earth can we expect The FA to deny Mr Allam’s request?

In fairness to Assem Allam his idea of a name change isn’t totally ridiculous.

For one, the club are regularly known as ‘the Tigers’. It is their nickname after all.

Plus the name ‘Hull City AFC Tigers’ isn’t the easiest to say. Lets face it, most people just call them Hull!

For a businessman you like to have your product/company to have its own identity and for it to standout from the crowd. If you were to say ‘City’ to the worldwide football community they would usually associate it with Manchester City. So for Allam, he thinks by taking the’City’ out of the equation and replacing it with ‘Tigers’ it will generate more interest from American/Asian audiences. Now he might have a point here or he might be wrong, but the proof is in the pudding.

He is totally right with the belief that most fans will just fall into line and accept the new look without much complaint. Most will realise that their isn’t much they can do to stop it. They also don’t want to see Allam sell up or stop ploughing in his cash. As long as the side are doing well in the Premier League most fans wont moan, its just a fact of life.

For the fans that bang on about history? Did you really complain at the stadium relocation?

Some in the media claimed Allam is just a custodian of the club. But he has ploughed in too much money for that to be true. Football is now big business. The idea money doesn’t make things happen is crazy. It’s simple he is the owner not a custodian.

To be honest I do feel a bit for the fans but things could be a lot worse. Your team aren’t moving 60 miles away, the club are in the Premier League and most importantly they are no longer in financial peril.

Also just remember this, no matter what happens, you can still call the club whatever you want!

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  1. So that’s where my missing post of a few days ago on Amber Nectar went!

    Seriously, I’m sure it’s a coincidence, but I posted this on the AN forum a few days ago and the post simply did not appear. It seems if you post something there which goes against the thinking of the loudmouthed vulgar minority it just gets binned.

    So it’s nice someone else has the nous to properly evaluate the situation.

    Samuel Henry

  2. 1) No we didn’t complain about a move to a new stadium..everyone recognised that Boothferry Park was literally falling down around us and that any move to a bigger stadium more befitting the size of the fanbase could only be a positive one. That is nowhere equivalent to changing the name of the football club to Hull Tigers; something that could represent just about any sport you care to name.
    2) Despite assurances that this would be carried out before any name change, there has been no research which has demonstrated any financial benefit to changing to Hull Tigers. In fact, experts on Radio 4’s business week, and various marketing publications have scoffed at the notion that a football club could suddenly make millions simply from changing it’s name. Even they recognised that much of the foreign cachet that is attached to the English Premier League and it’s clubs is precisely because of the traditions and history associated with English football as the birthplace of the modern game. These are things that Allam does not understand and has not taken into account. In fact, as we now know Allam does not listen to anyone else and we should simply trust his CV…I’m not sure this is good enough for someone who confesses he knows nothing about football and clearly does not understand that football is a completely different industry to flogging generators.
    3) Allam has ‘ploughed’ in money alright. In fact, his latest £13m splurge on 2 strikers is yet more money that he is now owed by the football club; that is now £80m that the club is now paying him 5% interest on. The more cynical among us could envisage his latest outburst about walking away if he doesn’t get his way being delivered in the same week as he happens to throw £13m at 2 strikers as being a fairly naked attempt at bribery and at deliberately upping the stakes by indebting yet further the football club. In fact, the more in debt the club is (to Allam himself btw) the more power he himself holds.
    4) ‘Don’t worry we can still call it what we like’ Oh ok, that’s ok then. I’ll ignore being branded a ‘hooligan’ who can ‘die’; I’ll ignore the fact of the football club that I have supported for 35 years, and that whole generations have supported, becoming a worldwide laughing stock (even to those who Allam seems to want to attract). I’ll ignore the fact that the man who stated that he wanted the club to be run on business lines cannot seem to even stock a club shop, let alone market the club on a worldwide basis. I’ll ignore him charging 5% interest on his ‘gift’ to the community, and I’ll ignore the fact that this reputable self made businessman wants us to trust his judgement when he cannot seem to have a civilised meeting with the local council or with fans groups without throwing his dummy out of the pram. Yeah, Scott, you’ve convinced me; everything is just great

  3. Samuel I have never heard of ‘Amber Nectar’, so can’t comment on what they do.

    Hovetiger – You make a lot of great points. I also doubt Allam would walk away, as you say he has too much power. But that is the problem, football is a business now. Once an owner purchases his club then he/she are pretty free to do what they want. As a former Rangers fan, I know this all to well.

    His PR skills are shocking and fans should be wary of every owner. But the end up is he will get his way.

    I never said his reasoning that financially Hull would be better off as Hull Tigers was sound. I seriously doubt it will have a significant impact.

    I am not here to convince anyone. I am an outsider looking in, its just my opinion on the subject. That is the point of a blog. I know that many diehard Hull fans will think I am talking utter crap, but it doesn’t change the fact the FA will do nothing.

  4. Whoever wrote this article is a cunt who knows fuck all.

  5. Thank you.

  6. He wants to change the name from HULL CITY because he had a major falling out with HULL CITY COUNCIL , anything else is just more lies and bullshit from the fake doctor

  7. At the bottom part of this article it says about the new KC ground? Well wasn’t this the original site of Hull City AFC. The famous Bunkers Hill near the allotments?. Then the cricket circle

  8. Its about time that someone backed Allam in his decisions. History is quaint, but it does not provide the income that is needed to fuel a place in the Premier league. of course we can always go back to division 2!

  9. Of all the complete bollocks written and spoken about this issue, you take first prize Scott. Well done, the ability to spout such brainless drivel can’t come easily.

  10. Scott.

    How / why are you a ‘former’ Rangers fan?

  11. Spot on. I’ve followed The Tigers for fifty years through thick and thin, how many of the foul mouthed ranters who do not appreciate him were at Boothferry Park on a rainy winter’s night in the dark days to watch them play jumped up none league sides in the Associate members cup. Mr Allam is the best owner we have ever had and he is quite right to tell them to get lost. Most fans don’t care so long as we are doing well. Go watch rugby league if you want to support a backward game. Please carry on Mr Allam, most of us support you.

  12. I think Hove’s comments above are spot on so I’ll limit myself to one question…or maybe two

    1. How can anyone take any notice of a football blog written by someone who describes themselves as a ‘former Rangers fan’? ………how can anyone ever be a ‘former’ fan of any football club?

  13. Samuel, no post has been made on Amber Nectar from anyone resembling your name or making anything resembling these points, I’ve just searched several years of comments to make sure of this.

    If you wish to join the forums and make your points, you’re very welcome to do so. In the meantime, kindly desist from making things up about us, it doesn’t reflect very well upon you or your “argument”.

  14. I think Allam has proved his commitment to the team by putting up £14m for our new strikers. Who really cares what we are called as long as we progress. Worst case – Allam goes and Steve Bruce goes with him. As for Bob Carolgees are you the sewer mouth who sits behind me in the East Stand?

  15. Hull City / Hull Tigers

    As a 4th generation of loyal Hull City fans..
    I started going since 1965.

    I would rather we stayed as HULL CITY

    But Hull Tigers is just a small name change and what ever the FA
    Say is fine by me…i will Silll by my season pass as will the vast majority.

    Right or wrong Assem Allam is a great owner in my opinion
    And he owns the club..

  16. Sorry was out, I apologise if I don’t answer your specific points.

    First off , I was a Rangers fan. ‘Was’ for various reasons including bigotry, club not paying its debt and i just didn’t feel the same way about the team as I did as a kid. Does that somehow make my point of view invalid? I still love football, playing it and watching it. So no matter what, name change and all, you will all support Hull? If yes then Allam is correct.

    The blog is quite successful and I enjoy doing it. As it is just my opinion obviously its up to the reader if I make good or bad points.

    I am glad the article has received criticism as well as support. I have learned more about the situation through peoples different comments.

  17. I don’t think that stopping supporting Rangers because of bigotry ( that must have come as a surprise? ) and not paying the debts, is anything like considering stopping going to a ground where the team that you grew up supporting ( Hull City AFC ) used to play but would be now used for games played by a new team ( Hull Tigers ) with no history, that just happens to have inherited the same players that used to play for the team you grew up supporting
    Fair play to you for having an open debate though
    Football teams are more than just a brand or a business, they are part of the heartbeat of a community, personally I feel numb and saddened that we may have a name change forced on us with, in my opinion, no obvious reason I simply don’t accept that people in the Far East are gullible enough to suddenly start supporting us because we have used the name of an animal ……also if they did they are supporters we wouldn’t want in the long run , and wouldn’t have, as they would clearly just jump ship for the next team with an interesting sounding name

  18. Thanks for your comments Scott and I appreciate that a blog is simply a starting point for a debate. So no I don’t believe I should abuse or insult you because I disagree with you. Unfortunately Dr Allam believes differently and his attitude has been perhaps the most corrosive aspect of this entire issue and raised the temperature of this debate. You’re quite right we can and we will call the club whatever we like. I somehow I feel that you are missing the point which is that If Dr Allam showed the fans that such a move would be good for the club I believe most of us would very reluctantly allow and accept that the change should take place. But that has not happened, he has shown no respect for the fans who were supporting the club before him and will be after him and simply said that he knows best because he knows business. Similar things were said by the banks before 2008 so I really feel that some evidence of the truth of what he purports to come from this name change should be shown rather than that we should just trust him because he’s in “business”. In fact I’m less inclined to trust him because of that! So please lets see the evidence and allow a proper debate on it rather than treating us like naughty children who wouldn’t know an excel sheet from Page 3 in the Sun. If Dr Allam wants respect, and he obviously does, then that is street that two ways and in essence I am sure that is what a great majority of the fans feel and believe they deserve from him.

  19. Mr Tash – You do know that Rangers were liquidated right? So I have more cause than most to suggest they aren’t quite the same side. The bigotry thing obviously I knew about but the older you get the more you become aware. Up here its deeply ingrained. You need to take a step back to understand it, while you can see it a mile off.

    See this is where we differ in opinion. Football ‘was’ a key part to the community and we were better off with it that way but now the business side of things has taken over. The horse has bolted on that one. Greedy owners and SKY cash have stalled any notion a community from a team in top league can have a real say on what happens with their team.

    Dr Suess – I can’t argue with any of your well made points. Actually I should have said that Allam should have gone about it in a totally different way. His PR disasters have caused a great deal of this mess and have also created most of this distress.

  20. I agree. This name change stuff is bollox. Growing up in the 60’s it was always the Tigers – no one called them City. If you are a City fan then you are recent.

    Go Tigers!

    Name change is fine with me.

  21. I have been a Hull City fan and supporter since the 1960s..

    I think that we can all agree that Mr Allam’s management style and PR skills leave a great deal to be desired, but he has made a massive difference to the club, – and is continuing to do so. (Like others I believe his real gripe is with Hull CITY Council over the future of the KC, hence his wish to drop the word City).

    I hope the FA come up with a short term compromise. Last year, the company which owns the club changed its name from Hull City AFC Ltd to Hull City Tigers Ltd.
    I suggest for the next 1 or 2 seasons, the FA agrees to a name change which aligns with the legal company name, Hull City Tigers.

    After either 12 months or 24 months both Mr Allam and the FA can decide or not to proceed with a second step to Hull Tigers if they so wish, after seeing how well the first change has been accepted.

  22. I have mixed views on the subject but one thing i do know is im a proud tigers fan as well as a city fan ,call it what you will ,in your heart it will always be Hull city if your that way inclined and probably the tigers too ,yes probably because of his argument with the city council but yes probably would look more attractive to foreign investors too ,in buisness its always better to kill two birds with one stone ,i personally loved chanting the tigers ,it seems no bugger dare chant it any more ,com on the tigers ,come on you Hull ,come on city Hull frankly we will all die calling it what ever is what we want to call it ,it being the football club we all love

  23. It is a spat with the local council and if the author of this blog does not live in Hull he will be totally unaware of that.
    Assem Allam may have bought the club but he does not own it.
    I have 50 years of solid support invested in this club and, as I told a previous couple of chairman, I was here before them and I shall still be here when they move on. Comparing MK Dons with this issue is nonsense, also MK Dons are the most hated club in football amongst grass root supporters.
    The clubs history is in danger of being binned by this proposal in the same way as the memory of Boothferry Park was. I know of peoples ashes who were scattered on the pitch at Boothferry Park, they died as supporters of Hull City, now that pitch, sacred at every other football ground, is a housing estate with those peoples memories and ashes probably on the soles of an estate agents shoes.
    Assem Allam has invested a lot of money into the club which he is getting back plus 5%, everyone is grateful, as will be his Bank Manager, until the day the club are no longer in the Premier League and those new supporters have deserted the club and the game for the latest new toy in town. The only ones left will be the hardcore and the traditionalists and I forecast now that when the club is in the hands of new owners, which it will be one day, their first move will be to revert back to Hull City and drop this ridiculous rugby league/ice hockey/basketball sounding name.
    And Assem Allam will have let a once in a lifetime opportunity to leave the golden legacy to the region, which he promised when he bought the club, slip through his hands.
    He will be known as the man who killed off Hull City AFC.
    Unless the FA grow some.
    To end if Dr. Allam is indeed correct, answer me this, how come Manchester City or Manchester United have not gone down this route already ?

  24. The CTWD group want Assem Allam to gift them the club .
    They want to run the club yet they don’t have the funds to pay for a days wages for the players.

    CTWD = non league football and NO future

    It’s nothing to do with the name change .
    The huge majority of supporters are sick of CTWD
    And there attempt to hijack the club

    We say YES to HULL TIGERS

    We say NO NO NO TO CTWD

  25. It is utter rubbish to keep suggesting the CTWD crowd are A) a minority and B) want ownership of the club. They simply want to keep the name, or accept the result of a majority vote on the matter. City Tiger doesn’t go to away games and probably not home games either. If he did he will know that at 19.04 a significant chorus of CTID is heard and applauded. Even if the Allams granted the group 49% of the club they could still do what they want. Minority shareholders do not have a voice in a Dictatorship. Since day one Allan has done his negotiating in the media spotlight and he has tried to bully his way to a free piece of real estate. He will be remembered for his tyranny and vandalism not for the great things the Club have done on the pitch. I have been going to City for nearly 40 years and I haven’t met many that are behind this so all these guys who come on here suggesting they are the die-hard fans and don’t care what we are called, I think you are plants and stooges with no allegiance to our history and values.

  26. There is no need to meddle or mess with changing a 109 year old name of our club.

    There is no evidence of any business strategy that backs the need for a “Hull Tigers” against our Hull City.

    It’s now more to do with Allams arrogance, petulism and principle of not having his decisions challenged.

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