Prostate Cancer: Do You Know The Score?


Guest post taken from the Mainline Menswear blog.

The recent #nomakeupselfie trend has successfully been helping raise awareness for breast cancer, with a reported £8 million raised since the craze swept Facebook and Twitter the other week and some men following suit raising awareness for testicular cancer in their own way. This made us wonder – do we actually know more about cancer now? Did you know, for example, that prostate cancer is actually the most common cancer in men in the UK? Worryingly, 1 in 3 in the UK may suffer with some form of cancer.

With Prostate Cancer UK’s recent campaign Men United v Prostate Cancer, big name footballers and celebrities including Bill Bailey are standing together behind the cause to give the awareness of prostate cancer a major boost.  With ex-footballer Stuart Hicks at the helm of Mainline Menswear alongside his team of top ‘awareness raisers’ we decided to unite with Prostate Cancer UK on a mission to spread knowledge about this lesser-known cancer, getting it out of the realms of the taboo and onto the playing field.

Wayne Rooney will reportedly earn over £78 million over the next five years in basic salary, and if Prostate Cancer could get this level of investment, it would very nearly quadruple its 2012 resources which will lead to better research, more substantial help to those who are affected and even more awareness of the disease and charity.

Want to help the Prostate Cancer UK cause? Get your team together, and join in the fight by donating HERE.

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