Product Review: Admiral Sportswear

Admiral Badge

Hands up who is old enough to remember Admiral in football? The older (better) of us will remember it well. I certainly do!

This year Admiral sportswear celebrates its 100th anniversary as a brand. I always loved the logo, it takes me back to a better era of football. Less exposed maybe but that made it more of a sport than the global business its now become.


Back in the seventies Admiral were pretty big in British football. The above England strip is still one of the most iconic ‘Three Lions’ kits.

Then in the late eighties and early nineties Admiral had a few club teams under their brands umbrella. Clubs like Rangers, Crystal Palace, Southampton, Hearts, Dynamo Kiev, Partizan Belgrade and Wimbledon all adorned the Admiral badge.

In the early nineties I was really getting into football. In fact the Admiral Rangers away strip from 1990 till 1992 was one of my first kits.

After the mid-ninties Admiral seemed to fall away with Adidas and Nike tightening up their stranglehold in the sportswear industry.

But Admiral are back!


The company are now focusing more in the leisure-wear and clothing retail markets.

Thanks to the guys at Infinities I managed to get a hold of the top that I am modelling below.


I was actually happier with it than I thought I’d be. I didn’t think it would be bad, or I wouldn’t have went for it in the first place but when it arrived I thought this is a really smart light jacket. Nicely detailed and well finished, I love that there is a vast amount of the logo going down both sleeves. The aim seems to be ‘go retro’ and go up against brands like Lyle and Scott, Penguin and Fred Perry.

It will be ideal clothing for the summer when you go out in the sun to walk the dog, go to a beer garden or enjoy a BBQ outside. Better still it will be great when you go to the football in the hotter months and you no longer need the huge warm jackets, the scarves, gloves and hats!

As my top is blue and with my history with Admiral it does bring back memories of Ally McCoist scoring goals every week, of a composed Richard Gough calming everyone down and of Graeme Souness prowling around Ibrox wearing his blue Rangers Admiral tracksuit.

It is great to have Admiral back and it is a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I really hope to see more people going retro and bringing Admiral back to the terraces and streets.

Oh and they haven’t left the football pitch all together. Watch out for the Gibraltar kit in the next set of Euro Qualifiers.

To get some Admiral clothes for yourself visit Infinities online store. Admiral Retro gear can be found HERE or for the Admiral Gold collection you can go HERE.

Oh you want evidence that I had an Admiral strip back in the day? Oh ok then… Look at the typewriter, even then I was writing about football!


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