Are We Ready For The World Cup?


It’s now April, surely we can dream about the World Cup already? I know we have a few title run-ins, some domestic cups to sort out and the Champions League to wrap up but every four years international football brings us the biggest summer party in the world!

This time it should be special as its being held in vibrant and sunny Brazil. The Brazilians are usually the best ambassadors of the beautiful game and they are a country known to throw the best parties in the world. People all over the UK will be getting the beer and steaks out for BBQs, especially for the 5pm kick-offs. Many will have their laptops out scouring for the best FIFA World Cup odds available. While oodles of us will be selecting our fantasy football sides ready to beat our friends teams. Various amounts of the public will also rush out and purchase our nation of choice’s kit and kids will be pestering their parents for one more packet of Panini stickers.

I really hope that this years competition can live up to the hype and anticipation.

In 2010 it all felt a bit anti-climatic and dare I say it… Dull! The big name players didn’t really show up and the ball seemed to cause havoc for the multi-millionaire footballers. To be honest the best bit of the competition happened in the opening game when hosts South Africa scored. The Vuvuzela’s were unique but the novelty soon wore off when it became the only thing you could hear for a full month.

The World Cups of 2002 and 2006 were ok but still not brilliant. For me that last truly amazing World Cup was France in 1998.

But I have a theory about World Cups, I believe that they are only really wonderful when you are young. It’s a bit like Christmas. You get all excited by it but soon realise on the day that it can never be the same now you are older and wiser.

As a youngster and a teenager, World Cups can help define our footballing life. We can see things happen that we’ve never seen before like the Blanco bunny-hop in 98, the Roberto Baggio wonder goal of Italia 90 or Leonardo’s vicious elbow from USA 94. Those memories are endless.

Back in France 98′ the best players in the World seemed to shine and have good tournaments like Baggio, Ronaldo, Marcelo Salas, Rivaldo, Peter Schmeichel, Dennis Bergkamp, Gabriel Batistuta, Davor Suker and of course Zinedine Zidane.

While in 2010; Wayne Rooney, Thierry Henry, Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi had disappointing to average tournaments at best.

The Spanish national side did play some great football but the final between themselves and the Netherlands was still a pretty dire affair.

But somehow I think this FIFA World Cup could be the best since 1998.


I’m still trying to work that one out to be honest.

Being in Brazil is a huge factor. As long as they can sort out their stadia issues and provide a carnival like atmosphere. I think the sun and colours could light up our living rooms and pubs and make us at home wish we were there!

I also think the hosts could have a very good tournament and that could keep their own fans attention for the whole month. A tournament seems to loose a bit of momentum and appeal if the home nation gets put out early.

Let’s hope that the world’s best players like Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi do turn up for this summers event. As I said previously, it really helps the competition if more of the top stars preform at their best at tournaments like this.

So I am eagerly looking forward to this years World Cup in June. I just hope Brazil delivers a fantastic spectcale because I am not really getting the feeling that I will be excited by either Russia 2018 or Qatar 2022!

 My picks for the trophy? I believe it will be either Brazil or Argentina that will win on their own continent. Dark horses? I think Colombia can do well even without Radamel Falcao, also I’m intrigued to see how Belgium can do at the grandest stage of them all.

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