Joint Player Of The Month Award? Pass The Sick Bucket!


So for the month of March it was decided we should have joint winners of the ‘Player of the Month’ award in the English Premier League’. Liverpool duo Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez were both deemed worthy of the prize.

What old tosh!

Why can’t we just have one winner and be done with it.

Don’t get me wrong both had great months but why dilute any respect for the award by giving it to two players.

If you are going by stats then Suarez probably just edges it. They both grabbed six important strikes each but the Uruguayan has also created two assists and had three man of the match awards. While England captain Gerrard had no assists and just one man of the match award. That would be a simple way of doing it if you ask me.

Or look at the fact that Suarez won the award in December, so maybe its fitting to give it to Gerrard who hasn’t won one this term (Although he has won it a record six times now). Plus let’s face it Suarez will no doubt become this years player of the year in England.

While we are at it why not just give it to three players, Martin Skrtel had a terrific March too!

It just makes no sense in my opinion to have more than one winner for the award. We have now had joint winners of this accolade SIX times! Please lets stop this farce or just give it a new name ‘players of the month’.

Its getting a bit like these precious schools who decide everyone is a winner on sports-day as many don’t want us to be too competitive anymore. Competition is a good thing as is awarding a footballer for being the best in their field for one full month or a whole season.

For me, its clear that Suarez should have won this award by himself. But the committee that decides on these things have been a bit nostalgic and wanted to reward a rejuvenated Steven Gerrard who will lead England in Brazil this summer. But to be honest they then should have just gone the full hog and given Gerrard the title and be done with it.

I doubt Suarez or Gerrard will have lost any sleep had the other won the award by themselves.

Lets just hope that this can be the end of sharing this award. What happens does Stevie have it one week and its in the Suarez household the next? Crazy!

7 Responses to “Joint Player Of The Month Award? Pass The Sick Bucket!”

  1. balls of steel on stevie taking all those pennos..
    why are you so irate byt the whole thing?
    calm down
    nobody cares who gets player of the month..we must wanna ein the league

  2. Haha I am not irate but it is annoying, so made a good topic for a blog piece.

    Yeah great nerves from Gerrard.

    Cheers for the comment.

  3. Probably were going to give it to Suarez but Gerrard my Liverpool fans player of the month so decided both.

  4. was*

  5. What are you wasting yours and everyone else’s time with this rant, I hope this is not your full time employment because your terrible at it. The vote for player of the month is done by a panel who all get a vote, Stevie and Suarez got the same amount of votes, hence they share the award. Simple logic!! Do the tiniest bit of research before you go waffling on next time…

  6. Comment moderation ey!! Only let da public See the glowing comments, incase they disagree with this bull.

  7. Hahaha obviously new to the blog Craig. Comments get moderated at first due to offensive language & spam messages.

    I know it’s a panel but usually panels are odd numbers or chairperson gets deciding vote with these sort of awards.

    I work full time in production. The blog is my opinion that’s what a blog is. You saw the title, yet came on & read it. So wasted your own time.

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