Man United’s Players Need To Stay Silent On Moyes


So the inevitable has finally happened, David Moyes has been sacked as Manchester United’s manager. It marks the end of a disappointing ten months at the club and it should also see in a new brighter future, should the United hierarchy bring in the right man to replace the first ‘Chosen One’.

The current squad of players need to assume even more responsibility and pull together to help interim manager Ryan Giggs get a few successful results between now and the end of the season.

What the players can’t do is see this as an open season to attack their former gaffer and blame him for all the troubles that have happened at Old Trafford this season.

It does’t matter about his signing policies or his training methods or what he changed when he came in. Moyes has gone and it’s now a clean slate at the ‘Red Devils’.

Obviously players will see this as an opportunity to stick the knife in and perhaps see it as an ideal time for deflecting the blame away from themselves. But lets face it they didn’t try hard enough when the chips were down this season and the manager can’t take on all the criticism for their abject displays. The players need to take a long hard look at themselves and accept they too let the club and its fans down.

When Anderson was loaned out to Fiorentina in January he was reported to have said…

“I’m sure that lots of players want out, especially people like myself and Nani who have been in Manchester for seven or eight years.”

It is that kind of talk that Man United’s players need to stay away from, at this time. It looks unprofessional and it won’t ingratiate them to the fans as they will want to move on from the Moyes era as soon as possible. The fans and the owners of the club will also want to do things in a certain way, a dignified way.

Obviously the press will hound all those at United looking for the gossip/dirt on Moyes but its up to those the club to stand back from that and keep a respected silence and have the obligatory ‘He did his best and we wish him all the best in the future’ line.

It seemed odd to me that Sky Sports News reporter Bryan Swanson’s first question to Ryan Giggs would be something along the lines of ‘What was your relationship like with Davie Moyes?’. He believes that the Welshman needs to address that topic. Why? Surely Giggs is only interested in steadying the ship and preparing the team for the remaining fixtures. If I were to ask any questions then it would be something like ‘Do you want the role on a permanent basis?’ That is of more interest to both the public and Giggs, rather than looking back. I can also tell you now that Giggs wont slag off Moyes publicly no matter how he felt about the former manager.

It is also not fair on David Moyes if the players run to the papers with quotes doing the man down. He has been publicly humiliated by the Glazers in how they have managed his sacking plus its also never nice to lose your job with almost every opposing fan laughing at you. If the players add more to that humiliation then shame on them as they could harm the man getting a new job in the future.

The fact remains that not one man is to blame for the failings at Old Trafford this season. The clubs owners and directors need to share that blame, as does the rest of David’s management time and the players too need to understand that they have not lived up to their own high standards this term.

For me the decision to get rid of Moyes now was the right one but now Manchester United need to look forward and concentrate on next season and not bury the former boss in the media.

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