Product Review: COPA T-Shirts


I have been a big fan of COPA Football for a while now. I love the designs and the huge thought process that goes into designing all their garments.

It’s a Dutch company that use exciting graphic designers from all around the world. When you purchase your new t-shirt, its great fun to go onto the COPA website and find out who designed it.

Garrincha Tshirt

For example the top above is of Garrincha and it was the first COPA t-shirt that I bought. Now I know, it was designed in Argentina by Gonza Rodriguez. It will be hard to find that kind of detailed info with the big companies such as Nike and Adidas. The customer feels part of the company, which is a really nice touch.

The reason for the Garrincha purchase is because I am almost obsessed with the mans story. I would hate for his story to be forgotten.

Now the main reason I bought these t-shirts is simple: They are well designed and are football related tops that adults can wear. They are conversation starters as people inevitably ask me ‘who that is?’ Or ‘where did you get that t-shirt from?’.

Gazzetta della COPA

The ‘Gazzetta della COPA‘ shirt harks back to my childhood. I wrote about my love for Calcio┬áback in 2011. A lot is down to this pink paper and a certain Channel 4 programme from the 90s fronted by Mr James Richardson. I’ve also pointed out more than a few times that my footballing idol is Ronaldo, who makes a cameo on the t-shirt.

I like to think I suit pink.

Both shirts that I have are made from 100% cotton and in Portugal with a supersoft finish. The Gazzetta does feel slightly softer, almost velvety in texture.

Ideal garments to wear to the beach, the pub or to a BBQ.

If you wish to buy a T-Shirt then checkout the range at FootballNation, where I got mine!

Note on Pictures: As regular readers now know, I do all my own pictures for the product reviews and call it Marketing Art.

With the Gazzetta della COPA shirt I’ve tried to recreate a scene. That scene is of a cafe in Italy, with an ice-cream sundae, bitter lemonade and an espresso. Typical of the scenes that we would see each and every Saturday on Channel 4, when James Richardson did his newspaper reviews of Football Italia. I watched the show religiously.

The top image has the t-shirt set out like a newspaper, then as it goes from left to right it turns out to be a t-shirt. The second one has a graphic that makes it look more 90s in my opinion.

The Garrincha one is a bit darker. It was taken on a beach, that represents Brazil. We also have a miniature of whisky and a tumbler with some of the whisky in it. Garrincha was a big drinker, the whisky also represents my Scottishness. The dark filter represents the vicious cycle that Mane Garrincha always seemed to be in with depression, alcoholism and tragic events that followed him around. The yellow of the t-shirt represents his creativity and the happiness he’d find in a Brazilian top.

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  1. Loving those tshirts. Need to get me one of those!!!

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