Rangers: Chris Graham, Jeremy Clarkson & Public Outcry!


Firstly let me declare I don’t know Chris Graham or Jeremy Clarkson personally. I only know them from what I’ve seen on TV and on social media.

I get the feeling both have had extremely tough business weeks and could do with not reading the newspapers for awhile.

What I do know is that they both have staunch supporters and equally strong minded foes.

I think it’s important to take a step back from the emotion that surrounds these sagas that both men have created and try and objectively look at what they’ve done.

Ok lets start with Clarkson.

Basically it’s been reported that he was on his last chance with the Beeb. That pressure seems to have got the better of him and he’s lashed out at an assistant producer because he didn’t have his dinner on the table waiting for ‘Jezza’ after a hard days work.

Now the main point to the ‘fracas’ is simple. An argument/disagreement is fine but physical violence (even if attempted) is a step too far. The BBC can’t be seen to endorse a bullying culture or support violence from any employee.

So now for Graham.

OK I’ve seen the Prophet Mohammed/Jar-Jar Binks tweet and it is pretty toxic. The main issue is this, most muslims and believers of Islam will find it deeply offensive. I can’t see Chris Graham not knowing that.

Rangers as an institution can’t be seen to support this kind of humour or offensive views towards any religious group.

Now when stories like these crop up, I always try and put myself in the situation at work and think ‘what would happen to me?’

The truth is quite simple. On both incidents I’d be sacked on the spot!

Companies rightfully have a zero tolerance policy against bullying or threatening behaviour. You can’t punch or attempt to punch a colleague at work and expect to stay on… Even if you are the most marketable commodity that company has!

Most, if not all, big corporations and businesses insert clauses into your contract regarding social media use. You can be deemed to bring the company into disrepute if you tweet/message certain things online. This is very common throughout the British workplace.

Now you also have to remember that Rangers are a club that have muslim fans and muslim employees. Would Bilel Mohsni have appreciated that tweet? I seriously doubt it. Rangers are extremely sensitive to Mohsni and his religious beliefs.  I should also point out next week is Islam Awareness Week. So timing certainly wasn’t on Chris’ side.

People will shout about ‘Freedom of Speech’ but that doesn’t mean you can be malicious especially to undermine one group based on their religious beliefs and set out an offend them. We all have to be responsible for what we say, freedom of speech doesn’t give you a free card to spout hatred or deeply offend everyone and anyone.

We shouldn’t forget that Mr Graham decided to walk before he was pushed. In the fullness of time that should be commended as it will help the club out.

That brings me to the other part of the saga.

The public outrage over these two men facing flak over their actions.

I know Clarkson hosts a well loved TV show, I like it myself. I also know that Chris Graham did a lot to help the Gers cause and bring Rangers fans closer together in the fight against previous regimes, a fight they ultimately won.

But look at the incidents objectively… You can see why pressure grew/grows on them to go.

Now people with accuse the media of witch-hunts, as both men have had their problems with certain people in the press. But at the end of the day they gave those same enemies enough ammunition to write these stories.

At the end of the day I can’t see why support for these two men has grown during the week, what they did cannot be defended or supported by the institutions that they represent.

2 Responses to “Rangers: Chris Graham, Jeremy Clarkson & Public Outcry!”

  1. How can you possibly say that Graham should be commended? Graham should not only have resigned but should be banned from Ibrox. It was lunacy to appoint this man onto the board and a major own goal

  2. Stewie – I agree that the board should have been made aware of this before appointing him. I am only commending the fact he saw that he was in the wrong (or caught) and left quickly rather than hang on for as long as possible like others have done in the past.

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