John Stones Could Have A Very Tough Decision Choosing Between Chelsea & Everton

John Stones

Jose Mourinho has confirmed that English Premier League champions Chelsea will up their offer for Everton defender John Stones.

A new ¬£26m bid seems to be in the offing as Chelsea’s boss tries to tempt the Toffees into selling one of their top talents.

The Portuguese manager’s pursuit seems to be relentless and that usually means he gets his man or least a chance to talk to his target.

But Stones could have a big dilemma on his hands as he will have to choose between leaving for the bright lights of London or stay on in Merseyside where he has already established himself as a first team stalwart.

Joining Chelsea would obviously be extremely tempting as they challenge for silverware every season and then there is also the lure of Champions League football.

But could John Stones get into the team?

He’ll have to fight for a place in the starting line-up, where he will be up against John Terry, Gary Cahill and Kurt Zouma.

Last season the champions were strong at the back and very dependable with Terry and Cahill the mainstays in the central defending positions.

Captain Terry may be getting on a bit, but for me he was still the best centre-back in the league last season. He’s also developed a fine partnership with Cahill, that involves good understanding and trust between the two.

But it seems Jose isn’t entirely convinced by Gary Cahill and that could see Stones gain a place in the team as he offers more pace.

But young Frenchman Zouma has pace to burn and hasn’t let the side down whenever he’s been asked to play.

Another advantage Stones would have over the the current Chelsea boys would be the fact that he’s a ball playing defender who can play passes out from the back.

The twenty-one year old would also learn a lot about the defensive side of the game by just watching Terry and Cahill in training each day.

Being versatile enough to also fill in at right-back would also be a positive for the young Englishman if he went down south.

But at Goodison, Stones has a much easier and clearer path into the first team.

He’s already comfortable at Everton and has managed fifty-four appearances in the last two years. That exposure in the first team has seen the youngster excel and improve all the time and break into the senior national squad. Hence why Chelsea are now taking an interest.

With only a year left between now and next summers European Championships in France, Stones would probably be better placed to get into Roy Hodgson’s England squad if he’s playing regularly for Everton rather than sitting on Chelsea’s bench.

If John does join Chelsea then he could cause a big headache for his national team manager as it would be likely that either he or Cahill would be missing from Chelsea’s first team for the majority of the campaign in 2015-16.

This also wouldn’t be John Stones last chance at a big move. If he were to stay at Everton and continue to improve and get more international caps, interest in him will only be greater next summer.

All in all the young defender will have a huge decision to make if both clubs can finally agree a fee for him.

In the long run I don’t think he can make the wrong choice. In time he’ll be good enough to get into the Chelsea team, I suppose it just depends on whether or not he can do it this term and how much he wants to go to France with England next summer.

Secretly John Stones might just hope that the two sides can’t agree a deal this transfer window!

6 Responses to “John Stones Could Have A Very Tough Decision Choosing Between Chelsea & Everton”

  1. everton do not sell to the mourinhos of this world who refuse to follow proper procedure,ask the club first,not the press to do it for you,anyhow martinez will be more determined than ever not to now,HARD CHEESE CHELSEA

  2. This type of behaviour is killing football.
    As Everton have said he isn’t for sale we have to nurture our talent
    To survive.
    Teams with loads of money are wrecking the game of football..
    The premier league should be more studious when dealing with players being tapped up..
    The game needs to be sorted out before it’s too late

  3. What would Stones learn from playing alongside Terry that he won’t learn from Jagielka, apart from how to cop off with team mates’ wives and girlfriends? Don’t you do any research or even think about the basic facts before you spoon this garbage out onto the internet?

  4. what is wrong with u people? the decision lies with Mr. Stone not either of you. if everyone doesn’t want to sell him then so be it, but if they want to let them come open and do business perhaps they should name their price…. I know everton want him to go for a reasonable price that’s all.


  6. Ok this blog is clearly on the proviso that Everton & Chelsea agree a fee. I haven’t said Everton should or what fee is acceptable that is up to the two clubs.

    Graham – I agree the laws on tapping up should be clear and acted upon when they are broken.

    Blogggs – Why not do your own research? I’ve have consistently said that Terry has a questionable life away from the pitch but he is a great defender. To compare him to Jagielka is extremely foolish. Terry has the caps, awards and medals that show he is a world class defender.

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