Predicting The English Premier League!


Ok this is now a tradition for, where I predict the final English Premier League standings. I am usually not very good at this.

You can have a look at my attempts for last season HERE.

So for this season:

Top Scorer: Diego Costa (Chelsea) 26 goals

Player of the Year: 1. Diego Costa (Chelsea), 2. Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool), 3. Memphis Depay (Man Utd)

  1. Chelsea
  2. Arsenal
  3. Man United
  4. Man City
  5. Liverpool
  6. Tottenham
  7. Southampton
  8. Everton
  9. Swansea
  10. Stoke
  11. Newcastle Utd
  12. WBA
  13. Crystal Palace
  14. Aston Villa
  15. Sunderland
  16. West Ham Utd
  17. Norwich City
  18. Watford
  19. Leicester City
  20. Bournemouth

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