Liverpool Probably Need To Dump Rodgers And Start A New Revolution!


We had stood off United in the first half and made very few tackles. It went against everything built into my DNA. Tackling and collisions mattered against Manchester United.

That is a passage taken from Steven Gerrard’s new book that is currently being serialised in the Sportsmail.

Liverpool really could have done with that kind of DNA yesterday as they slumped to a 3-1 defeat to rivals Manchester United.

But the fact is I can only recall one thunderous challenge from a Liverpool player in the derby game against United and that came from James Milner in the 75th minute!

Let’s be clear here this isn’t a strong or great Man United team they were up against, yet there was no pressing or many committed tackles.

Why sit back? When for the most part United had Marouane Fellaini playing as a makeshift striker, and he was never going to get in behind the defence. Nathaniel Clyne was doing well keeping Memphis Depay quite, so again why stand off?

The Anfield outfit lacked character, belief and fight!

This Liverpool side are never far away from a rut.

It looks increasingly clear that manager Brendan Rodgers isn’t the man with the right answers.

After a decent start to the season, winning their first two fixtures, they then put in a shocking second half performance at the Emirates against Arsenal and although they didn’t lose that game they also haven’t been the same side since.

West Ham United, on the back of two disappointing home defeats, travelled up to Anfield without much hope. Yet the Hammers cruised to a 3-0 Premier League victory and once again the Reds of Merseyside looked sloppy and void of inspiration.

Then yesterday, they just couldn’t seem to find a top gear and in all honesty looked as if they were playing for a draw.

Tactically Rodgers still makes baffling decisions. Not a crime per se, until it proves to be unsuccessful and then the manager gets ridiculed. That has happened far too many times in Liverpool’s recent history.

The 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 formation that he went with yesterday evening just didn’t suit the players he had at his disposal.

People will say it was definitely a 4-3-3 but look at Danny Ings playing wide-left. The young forward was constantly finding himself being pushed back into his own half as he tracked Utd right-back Matteo Darmian. Thus he had no impact near United’s goal.

Surely it would’ve been better to play Ings up-top or in and around a number nine. Surely Rodgers won’t use Daniel Sturridge as a wide-man when he regains full fitness.

The same could be said for £29m man Roberto Firmino. The Brazilian is still finding his feet in English football and is probably more suited to a central role in the team.

Now if the plan was always to play with three attackers, then why not sign natural wingers?

But if you play with Ings and Firmino in the team then surely you go with two up-front and have the Brazilian in the hole behind the two strikers.

You have the perfect target-man in Christian Benteke, who is probably the best Premier League striker in the air. Yet Liverpool aren’t set up to play more dangerous balls into the area for him to attack. Do that a bit more and he could bully opposing defenders. But alas Liverpool under Rodgers seem somewhat embarrassed to launch the ball directly into the box.

Now I’m not saying that the Belgian can’t play well on the ground or with his feet, he scored a terrific goal late on in the derby but at times you need to change the approach and use his other strengths too!

Liverpool also clearly still have defensive issues.

Is Simon Mignolet really a top, top class goalkeeper? I’m not convinced.

Then there’s Dejan Lovren. The Croatian is still very suspect at the back and seems to always have a mistake in him desperate to get out.

It’s not helped that Martin Skrtel has been going through a rough patch at the moment. That was highlighted when United debutant Anthony Martial ran at the Slovakian international who looked like he was being literally turned inside-out. Obviously in the end the teenager got his dream goal and Skrtel was just red-faced.

The Reds have a glut of central defensive options but they all seem bog standard and prone to mistakes.

Rodgers came out with a bunch of excuses for the terrible result at Old Trafford.

He said:

“I never thought the free kick was a free kick. Penalty, I think Herrera has done well, young Joe Gomez will learn he has to stay on his feet.”

Listen whether the freekick was or wasn’t a freekick doesn’t matter. the defending thereafter was terrible and they were punished for switching off in their own penalty area. My opinion though was that it was a foul as Clyne was done by a bit of skill and obstructed Ashley Young but again no matter the decision you have to defend better.

The penalty was definitely a penalty and Rodgers is right Joe Gomez will learn but he needs someone out there that can help him develop on the pitch!

That fact is that Liverpool were toothless and easily beaten by an ordinary Man United team. It looks like Rodgers has run out  of ideas and once again has left his side with so much to do at the beginning of a season.

I don’t think all the blame can be handed off on Brendan. The board need to find a better structure within the club. The transfer committee clearly doesn’t work as a model. He’s also been unlucky with injuries to members of his squad.

For me, I’d try and bring in a big name coach say a Jurgen Klopp. Then have a sporting director, who is firmly established in that role. The two can then formulate a short-term and long-term plan and get about implementing it.

The squad at Liverpool isn’t bad, really they all they need is to be pushed in the right direction and have confidence in their manager.

I am just not sure Brendan Rodgers is that man. He’s a good boss but isn’t a great one!

But more needs to change at the club, from top to bottom. The way Steven Gerrard left the club showed us that things aren’t right at Anfield at the moment.

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  1. No comments just sack him, he was never a good coach. It was Suarez who made him feel as if he was doing well on his own. He is now exposed without a top class striker. Does not know what he is doing. Destroying LFC. How could he let Benete play alone upfront. Br is blind and deaf . Please American owners get rid of him. He has no class no style no common sense no brains. He needs Suarez to hide his incompetence.

  2. Brendan was never the right manager second place with Luis Suarez Steven Gerard sturridge it beggars belief and he is still living on that
    It is his Achilles heel goal keeper and defence holding Liverpool back any one of the top 5 goalies in Germany linked with Christof Kramer and sakio illori partnership with a fit again John Flanagan will get us up the table
    Until the new manager gets players in to fit his system

  3. I totally agree, think Rodgers has run out of ideas. We looked totally inept and unable to string a few passes together. Players giving the ball away and benteke alone upfront as nothing seemed to be work. So far the only promising thing I’ve seen is the signing of Gomez, ok he made a mistake but he is young and being played out of position and will learn from this.

    For me time has come for a change, it’s not knee jerk as I thought Rodgers should have gone last season and the last two results have cemented that.

  4. you are dead right. we have acquired so many players and the results remains the same, poor. For a change we need a coach with a track record that suits our status

  5. Rodgers OUT ALREADY !!!

  6. BR is hurting the lfc sako instead lovren n also he must b sacked

  7. Yes i totally agree BR must leave for the club,s progress, and the time is nw to bring in kloop before january or another team will steal him and strenghteen themselves ahead of us.

  8. Brendan Rodgers has to leave. Imagine am watching a soccer match with my friends and they call my club a below average club. I couldn’t defend myself because it was showing on the screen that we are not up to average.

  9. be is completely clueless

  10. BR is completely clueless

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