E-Cigarettes Appear On Banned List For Euro 2016


Football fans planning to watch Euro 2016 in France this year may want to take a look at Uefa’s stadium rules as there are a number of things that are prohibited from being taken into the stadiums.

The usual suspects appear – fireworks, flares, gas spray cans, flammable substances, laser pens, drones, offensive banners or flags etc, but so do flagpoles – presumably to stop the English fans claiming the stadium in the name of the Queen, megaphones – as the German fans are loud enough perhaps, and even the star of South Africa World Cup in 2010, the Vuvuzela, is also not permitted in the stadiums.

E-cigarettes appear on the banned list for the very first time, having escaped Uefa’s radar for Euro 2012, which took place in Poland and Ukraine.

Although appearing on Uefa’s banned list, there is a bit of good news for vapers however. You can still take your e-cigarette into any of the stadiums, but unfortunately you can’t use it.

Unlike harmful second-hand tobacco smoke, e-cigarette use has no damaging passive effects, however, it is likely that e-cigarette users will be forced to vape in designated areas, just like smokers – or even with smokers, don’t you just love second-hand tobacco smoke

Speaking of drugs, most are banned from being taken into the stadium, however, medication is allowed on proven grounds and alcohol, as always, is a no, no, or a non, non in the terraces, but we can be pretty confident that official sponsor Carlsberg will want to sell beer by the gallon load.

Other items on the banned list include umbrellas (to stop the Russians taking out any spies perhaps?), helmets (Germans again?) and ‘unwieldy’ objects like ladders, stools, chairs, large bags and suitcases. Items that exceed 25cm x 25cm x 25cm are considered unwieldy, if you’re wondering – or need to measure anything beforehand.

Cans, bottles and jugs, whether they are made from glass, plastic or non-shatterproof materials will be also disallowed, so please remember not to take your favourite e-liquid to the stadiums with you.


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Vaping in France

France has the highest number of e-cigarette users in Europe at nearly 3 million, but the country is at odds with e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes cannot be used on public transport, in enclosed places and anywhere that children are present.

It is a very strong possibility that the official French stance towards e-cigarette use will become even more severe, especially as the country’s top health authority is pushing for e-cigarettes to be banned in restaurants, cafes and nightclubs.

Euro 2016 promises to be a feast of quality football and if you’re a vaper and lucky enough to have match tickets, please remember to keep your e-cigarette tucked away.

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