Rangers Won’t Sack Mark Warburton This Season


One particular Scottish newspaper, the Daily Record, seem a bit obsessed with Mark Warburton and when he’ll leave the Ibrox hot-seat.

Every disappointing Gers result follows on with the paper believing that the manager’s time is coming to an end in Govan.

After last night’s defeat the Record suggested that ‘Warburton’s immediate future may now be this club’s (Rangers) main concern‘.

Now I think Rangers have been a bit disappointing this season and some of Mark Warburton’s decisions have baffled me. But I just can’t see them getting rid of their manager imminently.

I don’t doubt that the Daily Record have more insider knowledge of the goings-on in the Ibrox boardroom compared to me (I don’t have any!) but the story just doesn’t add up.

Firstly no other media outlet seems to be following the same narrative. In actual fact some other papers suggest that Warburton may be a front runner for the Wigan Athletic managers job (Which he distanced himself from). I believe that there’s more chance of Mark leaving for a new job than seeing him being sacked during this term.

Then you look at the Joey Barton affair. The club’s hierarchy seem to have fully backed their manager on this issue and it may prove to be a costly solution if they decide to sever all ties with the midfielder. Would they do that if they were thinking twice about Warburton’s future at the club?

Even today the Gers gaffer was in front of the press confirming that his future plans at Ibrox:

“We had a meeting earlier in the week about potential targets for January.”

Then we look at the fact that Rangers are a club that rarely panics when getting rid of their gaffer. Would they want all this upheaval before the Christmas period and who would they get in to replace him? Plus could they really afford to give Warburton a pay-off?

Then you have the Gers support. Yes they might have booed the team off last night, but I’ve seen Rangers fans disgruntled after home draws in the Champions League, they always want to see their team win and get frustrated when they don’t see a home victory. That doesn’t mean that they all want to see the Englishman sacked as manager or that the majority have turned against him.

Rangers personnel made a mistake coming up in the summer and suggesting that they were ready to challenge Celtic for the title. That was never going to happen. The first goal should have been a top six finish and then challenging for second spot. By mentioning themselves in regards to the league championship it’s heaped on the pressure and allowed papers to come out and speculate.

The Gers board might be looking on and questioning their manager and his long-term future at the club. It would be folly for them not to look closely at the situation at the end of the current campaign. If at that time they believe Warburton and his team have underperformed then they might look around and see if anyone out there is a better fit. But I think they owe their gaffer that time (Till the end of the season) to get things right.

Obviously the Daily Record believe differently or the talk of sacking an Old Firm manager sells papers but I just don’t think their agenda adds up this time.

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