The Continued Farce That Is Rangers Football Club

So at 8.30pm tonight Rangers released a statement stating that the club had accepted the resignations of manager Mark Warburton, assistant David Weir and head of recruitment Frank McParland.

The club’s official twitter account also made a similar statement.

What has followed has been a complete meltdown as the media cover the story but have had very little to actually go on.

BBC journalist Chris McLaughlin then tweeted that Warburton was unaware of his own resignation:

Many have then speculated that the Gers website may have been hacked. It was down for quite some time and it has continued to experience trouble since the news broke. But whether that’s down to a high number in traffic or a hack, no one has been able to clarify at this time. It should be noted that the site is up and running at this current juncture and still has the statement on site.

More news has been dripping out since this initial statement.

Roddy Forsyth has a piece on the Telegraph website saying that the management team jumped but it was just a matter of time before they were going to be pushed. Then their representative wanted to take back the resignations but that offer was rejected by the Gers board and they then decided to make the ‘resignation’ statement. Talk of the Nottingham Forest job seems to loom largely in the midst of this story.

As of yet we are all still a bit unsure what the hell is actually happening at Ibrox.

What we do know, is that the club is becoming a complete and utter circus and the story is beyond a farce.

Look at the statement. It’s poorly written and executed, it’s so bad that people are still split on whether or not it’s actually true or fake!

No club official/director has came out and verified the statement or denied it. This from a board that said they were all about transparency and keeping the fans informed.

The last line in the statement:

‘We thank our support for their loyalty and desire to be the best.’

That’s vomit inducing horse-shit if ever I’ve read it!

This is supposed to be a huge football club, an institution! They are meant to be professional and have extremely high standards, yet they feed their fans soppy soundbites that make everything about the club look amateur.

Why, if they accepted the the resignations earlier in the week, did they not announce them earlier? Why wait until a Friday night just before a game before releasing this gigantic news grenade? Then keep quite!

Let’s go with the ‘Hack’ theory… If this is true (and it’s looking very unlikely), then why has it taken so long for anyone at Rangers to state that this is the case?

If Rangers have accepted their manager’s resignation then why not have managing director Stewart Robertson or chairman Dave King confirm it?

If the any of the previous Rangers board regimes had been in this situation King and Co would have been all over it and stating that these boards were dragging the Govan club through the mud. Yet a huge announcement like this is dumped on the club’s website and left to linger without being handled properly.

Now maybe it’s best for all involved that Rangers and Warburton go their separate ways. Things haven’t gone right for the team this season and both the board and the manager have to hold up their hands to making mistakes. Maybe Warburton wanted out and tried to seek offers from elsewhere, if true then Rangers would be understandably upset and annoyed.

But it doesn’t change the fact that this has all been handled terribly by the club and they’re an absolute laughing stock! Warburton deserved to know about the press release before it was published and the fans certainly deserved more the club’s custodians!

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  1. For goodness sake calm down lad!!,,there agent saught to walk away earlier in the week big institutions take time for actions to run ,,,the board then decided to announce that they all wanted to leave wats the problem??

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