Celtic’s Armstrong Should Sort Out Contract Saga & Concentrate On Football

You can tell that the current contract negotiations between Celtic and midfielder Stuart Armstrong are playing on his mind.

Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers believes that the whole saga has been played out for too long now:

“This is a simple deal that should have been sorted out before the end of last season.”

“Now it’s dragged on and on and on way too long for what, with all due respect, is a simple deal. Christ, it’s not a big multi multi-million pound deal.”

The fact we are still discussing this issue eight months after it was first classed as news shows you how long uncertainly has been in the player’s mind.

Stuart has to decide what he wants.

If the Scottish internationalist wants to stay at Celtic Park, then he tells his agent to sort out a deal as soon as possible and he tells Brendan that he’s staying. Then he goes into training knowing that he’s going to stay.

If Armstrong wants to leave and earn more in the English Premier League, which he’s entitled to do, then he instructs his advisors to tell Celtic that he’s leaning towards a move away and that gives the club an opportunity to cash in on their asset. Again that clears his mind and he can carry on with his career.

Now if the creative middle-man is still in two minds as what to do next with his career, then I’d suggest he looks at Scott Brown and Victor Wanyama.

This is now Brown’s eleventh season at Parkhead. He has become the club’s captain, has played in more European games than any other Celtic star and has won seven league titles. Scott’s still one of the best performing players in the Scottish Premiership, he decided not to move down south and doesn’t seem to regret that decision.

On the other hand you have Victor Wanyama. The Kenyan joined Celtic always with the idea of then moving to the  Premier League. The battling midfielder did well in the Champions League with the Hoops, won league championships and after two seasons in Glasgow he left in a £12.5m deal to Southampton. He also impressed with the Saints and he again won a multi-million pound move, this time to Tottenham Hotspur and now he’s back playing Champions League football.

These two examples show ex-Dundee United man Armstrong that staying at Celtic has big advantages and leaving Celtic doesn’t mean you go on a downward curve in your career. As long as you have the talent you can do well and continue to do well.

So really I think Stuart Armstrong has to get together with his agent and decide on what he wants and what to do next. Then he can once again concentrate on his football and start having an impact once again!


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