Time’s Right For Arsenal Board To Ruthlessly End Arsene Wenger’s Reign

Time will never forget Arsene Wenger’s great achievements at Arsenal but the longer he continues without any real success the more his reputation and legacy will be tarnished.

To me, it seems quite clear that Wenger won’t fall on his own sword and the Frenchman will stubbornly hold on to his position until he’s relieved of his duties. In fairness I don’t think Arsene is holding out for something as common as monetary compensation, I think he honestly thinks he is still the right man for the job and can turn things around.

The Arsenal hierarchy need to understand that this is no longer the case.

Wenger has spent big in recent transfer windows and yet the Gunners are no closer to attaining the Premier League title, in fact it can be argued that they’re getting further away from that goal.

In their recent humblings by league leaders Manchester City, Arsenal were beaten by the free flowing attacking football that Arsenal used to be famed for under Wenger. The interesting thing about City and their boss Pep Guardiola. has been the fact that they have spent big on improving their defensive positions. For too long, Wenger has treated the backline as an after thought and they’ve never been strong enough in that area to withstand the pressures of playing against superior sides.

Arsenal have conceded more than anyone else in the top seven, that includes Burnley and that is damning to the way things are being done at the Emirates.

This term, the Gunners have only beaten a top six side once in nine attempts. That’s not good enough and that’s why they are a full thirteen points off Tottenham Hotspur in fourth place.

In the big games, Arsenal’s perceived big stars go missing. They shouldn’t and they have to accept responsibility for not turning up when it matters but it is also clearly a psychological issue that runs throughout the team. Again that has been a long term problem with the club and it seems to be an issue that Wenger again can’t get to grips with!

I think it’s got the stage where the board need to step in and put the manager out of his misery.

People might say they should hold on until the end of the season and that Arsenal are still in the Europa League but even if they win that, it’s just about papering over the cracks. Plus does anyone believe that Arsene can get enough from his troops to win the European competition?

A good portion of the support have had enough and the players just aren’t playing for their gaffer.

Personally I would get rid of Arsene now and have someone like Thierry Henry take-over for the rest of the campaign. Henry’s legendary status and his love of the club will buy him time until the end of the term without any issues for the fans. You’ll probably find the whole atmosphere at the Emirates will lift with just having a new person at the helm. Thierry is a man that the current team would/should instantly respect.

Former hitman Henry has already stated he’d take on the opportunity if it arose:

“If you love a place and they ask – I repeat, they ask – for help, you are always going to say yes.”

The club’s board will also buy themselves time if they change now. It would get the fans back onside for a time at least. They could then find a new exciting, long-term replacement to come in during the off-season. They’ll need a big name that the fans and the squad can get behind.

Arsenal don’t have a right to win things in football. Nor should we forget the many great things Arsene Wenger has brought to his side and English football as a whole. But the Arsenal support deserve to have a club that is doing all it can to improve and get better and with Wenger in charge that’s looking increasingly unlikely.

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  1. The fans in Tanzania call upon the “get him down” and take Henry for the club survival at least. The man looks so tired, nervous and exhausted. The players can’t love his tactics any more and it is quiet obvious they call for his exit too. They wish he could leave today and start their new life with someone else and not Wenger

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