Bournemouth Can’t Compete For Celtic Man Kieran Tierney’s Signature!


If you believe reports from the British media, then it would seem that there’s plenty of teams looking at the talented Celtic defender Kieran Tierney.

It seems as though AFC Bournemouth have joined the likes of Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in showing an interest in the full-back.

Now I don’t want to be disrespectful but I cannot see Tierney leaving the Hoops for the Cherries.

I’m not even 100% sure he’d want to leave Parkhead for any other club at the moment but he certainly won’t leave his boyhood team unless it’s for a big payday at a club that’s a similar size to his current employers.

The boy clearly loves playing for Celtic and in front of fans that he can relate to and who hero worship him.

He’s loving life playing under Brendan Rodgers, winning multiple trophies, playing every week, beating Rangers on a regular basis and putting on displays in the Champion League.

Ability wise, he’s definitely ready to move to a bigger league and perform well. He has the pace and defensive discipline to become a star at left back for any side he plays for.

Andrew Robertson is winning rave reviews with his performances in a Liverpool strip this term and I’ve no doubts Tierney would be playing at a similar standard, if not better!

Mentally? I’m not sure he’s ready or willing to leave Glasgow at this stage of his career.

I certainly don’t think Bournemouth would be an opportunity that would excite the young Scottish internationalist.

Now yes he’d get plenty of game time at the Vitality Stadium, at an established Premier league club and under a very talented coach but there’s a huge difference from playing in-front of 60,000 supporters and 11,300 fans! There is also a big difference in claiming titles and playing in Europe than being at a side that’s mid-table in their league.

Now I’m not saying for a moment that Celtic players wouldn’t move to Bournemouth, far from it but it all depends on the player in question.

For example, players such as Virgil van Djik and Victor Wanyama used the Scottish Premiership champions as a stepping stone to then join England’s top flight. Both of them starred for a mid-table side before earning a big move to one of the top four sides. That path worked marvellously well for those players personally but Tierney’s a different person with different ambitions, in my opinion.

If you want to know his mindset, then this is what he said when talking about Andy Robertson’s exploits for Liverpool:

‘It was a great performance from him and he’s been great this season, he deserves to be there, but for me when I was younger, it was Celtic.

‘If you want to play in the Champions League you play in it with Celtic and that’s just the way it has been for me.’

‘All I really think about is Celtic.’

I genuinely think that’s true and he lives and breaths everything Green and White just now. I just can’t see him giving all that up at twenty years of age for AFC Bournemouth.

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  1. …no disrespect to The Scottish Premier, but he would learn more under Eddie Howe at Bournemouth playing in The PL, he would be a regular in the side and not benching it at one of the top clubs. If he motivated by just the money then he should go to Man Utd or Tottenham…and I wouldn’t then want him at Bournemouth anyway!

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