Our Visit To Clyde Powerchair FC

Here’s our latest video for Club Development Scotland.

We visited Clyde Powerchair FC through in Cumbernuald to find out more about power chair football. Our hosts couldn’t be anymore welcoming and they were eager to get a spotlight on the work that they do and to encourage more participants throughout Scotland.

Basically the sport is just football for powerchair users. When speaking to a few of the players, they were extremely enthusiastic, stated that the game had come on leaps and bounds in the last eight years and that it was very competitive. They also mentioned how they’d made new friends playing powerchair football and how they were finally playing the sport in which they loved!

Both interviewees (Kieran and Thomas) specifically pointed out the feeling of scoring a goal. Now growing up a striker as a kid, I know that tingling feeling and the rush of adrenaline you’d get from scoring a goal. It’s addictive. It was fantastic to see these two footballers embracing those same feelings!

You can find out more about the sport at The SPFA.

One of the biggest things I’ve taken from doing these videos is just how special football really is and how it can enrich the whole community.

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