Blog Video: Trying To Bring Cathkin Park Back To Life

I had the privilege to visit Cathkin Park last month to meet Simon Weir for Club Development Scotland, a man who spends much of his spare time at Cathkin Park and diligently trying to bring it back to life.

The former stadium still has five parts of terracing and Simon does a variety of maintenance work like cleaning and restoring the terraces, fixing the athletics track and cleaning as much of the place as physically possible.

The former home of Queen’s Park, Scotland and Third Lanark has such a rich history and Simon passionately tells us much about it in this interview. He also tells us his dream to make the site a living and breathing museum.

This is a fantastic video for any ground hopping enthusiast, football historian or lover of Scottish football. It also gave me a chance to use my new DJI Mavic 2 drone and the Osmo Pocket. For a review of the Osmo check-out HDWarrior.

Follow Simon’s endeavours on Twitter (@CathkinPark) or his Blog (

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