Juventus Defender Leonardo Bonucci Deserves To Be Ridiculed Over Poor Racism Stance

After Juventus recent win over Cagliari, centre back Leonardo Bonucci criticised his own team-mate Moise Kean for his celebration after the striker scored a late goal.

The young forward was being racially abused, scored his goal and celebrated by raising his arms aloft looking at the Cagliari support. That celebration saw Kean receive even more abuse.

After the game, instead of supporting his teammate Bonucci stated (Source – BBC Sport):

“Kean knows that when he scores a goal, he has to focus on celebrating with his team-mates. He knows he could’ve done something differently too.”

“There were racist jeers after the goal. Blaise heard it and was angered. I think the blame is 50-50, because Moise shouldn’t have done that and the Curva should not have reacted that way.”

I am sorry but that’s a ridiculous statement.

Firstly, Bonucci grabbed the game’s first goal and actually ran away from his team-mates. So the veteran didn’t lead by example.

As the more experienced player if Leonardo truly believed that Moise did something wrong, then he should have had a private word but back him wholeheartedly publicly. To basically tell a young player to ignore racist chants, tells you too much about the Italian centre-half and his lack of a moral compass.

He let off the Cagliari fans and has since been ridiculed for his stupid comments.

Leonardo Bonucci has followed that up with a wishy-washy Instagram story that has a picture of the defender and Kean in Italy tops with text saying ‘Regardless of everything, in any case… No to RACISM‘.

It’s all too little too late I’m afraid. You showed your true colours and that you’re not a worthy teammate with your initial response.

The tailor-made PR Insta post is all down to the response from the footballing world (including a sizeable portion of Juve supporters).

England international Raheem Sterling was quick to point out the stupidity of Bonucci’s comments (Via Adam Digby Twitter):

Unfortunately Leonardo’s comments were actually backed up by Juventus boss Massimilano Allegri (Source: The Sun)

“He shouldn’t have celebrated in that manner.”

“You need great intelligence to deal with these situations and should not go to provoke people”

Allegri has thrown his player under the bus. It wasn’t even an over the top or disrespectful celebration. Moses was clearly fizzing and I’m glad he got his goal.

The manager hasn’t been in that situation and can’t relate to it. He may have now damaged his relationship with the young international hitman.

It’s disgusting that in 2019 we can’t all come together and call out racists for being the scum that they are!

Juventus as a football club need to get everyone in and tell them that at Juve you can’t tolerate or justify racism. You also need to back your players and teammates!

The whole club looks bad and it has garnered worldwide attention too.

As institutions I believe Juventus and Serie A need to step forward and back Moise Kean!

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