How Much Time Should Be Given To Ole Gunnar Solskjaer At Man United?

The main question everyone is asking right now is if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the right man to lead Manchester United and how much time should be given for him to prove his case.

The Norwegian impressed as the interim manager after Jose Mourinho was sacked, but the end of the season run-in was horrendous, with United missing out on a top-four finish.

What the club needs to figure out is if that was just a bad spell or if the manager doesn’t have enough experience to guide a team the size of United.

In the past, it was somewhat normal to give a manager some time to get things right, but nowadays if you lose six games, you are already in big trouble. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a Manchester United legend and many, like Robin Van Persie, believe he should be given plenty of time (Source BBC).

When Mourinho was sacked on the 18th of December the club said that they will appoint Solsjkaer until the summer while they were looking to fill the managerial vacancy permanently.

Under Solskjaer, United went on an impressive run of 15 games unbeaten and also had a 100% winning record in their first eight encounters. Under the Norwegian, United achieved a dramatic away win over Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League. On the 28th of March the club decided to give him the full-time job.

After that, something has happened, and United ended their campaign with six defeats and only two wins in their last ten encounters. At that time, everyone was saying to give Ole a permanent deal. But since then the luck went away, and they’ve lost a lot more games that they shouldn’t have.

Solskjaer now has a three year deal with Man United and it’s essential to look at the bigger picture.

The way the Norwegian is working is in line with expectations. He has a positive attitude and is keen to achieve great things with the club.

‘Surely it is a man of the club’ said Ethan Rowe football editor in chief of Best betting sites.

He has played for Manchester United for more than 10 years and has also given the Champions League with his own goal. ‘He knows Manchester United inside-out. He has been a coach of the reserves and in some ways he is similar to Ferguson. Ferguson was Manchester United and the same can be said for Solskjaer.’

‘In my opinion, he should be given at least another 12 months to prove his worth. He had a fantastic first period and then a tough one. It can happen, but now he has the opportunity to pick the players he really wants and go from there.’

Rowe continued:

‘I don’t believe that United’s current issues will be necessarily be resolved by overspending in the transfer market. After all, this is what they have done in the last few years. Has it worked? It hasn’t. The club now needs stability. Players have to know that if they are not good enough, they are going to leave United before the manager. When Alex¬†Ferguson was there, no player would have imagined that he would have been sacked if things didn’t go in the right direction. With Mourinho, it was true the contrary. Some players just act to get him sacked and though they had such power in the club. That was an error and shouldn’t be repeated with Solskjaer.’

Ethan Rowe concluded:

‘The same should apply to players. Now if a player has a couple of bad games, fans are already talking about selling him. Back in the day, players used to get more time. They had the opportunity to make mistakes and learn. Stability is the only way to develop and the only one I can see for United to get back where they were.’

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