Getting Premier League Back Will Make Summer Special

It now looks likely that we shall see the return of the English Premier League in mid June (Source : BBC Sport). I, for one, can not wait for this restart.

Supporters up and down the country will also be eager to see the return of football. Football tipsters will be desperate to put a wager on these all important fixtures, you can find signup offers at findbettingsites.

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic postponing this summer’s Euros the return of the Premier League will give the whole football community a much needed boost.

Whilst it will be tough without fans some football is better then no football at all. It is up to participating clubs to make these encounters as fan friendly as possible, this could include cardboard cutouts of the season ticket holders in their seats and fan noise over the tannoy.

It will also be great to see Premier League football showcased in the summer months.

Another boost for UK fans will be the fact that a lot of these fixtures will be televised. It’s a nice touch that terrestrial station BBC will cover 4 of these games for the first time in Premier League history.

It would have been a travesty had Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool not been afforded the chance to secure their first ever Premier League title. To then relegate 3 teams without fulfilling the fixture list would have been too much to bear for their supporters.

To see how teams adapt the current climate will also be interesting. Will they make use of the maximum 5 subs? Will that slow the game up? Can the players adapt to playing in an empty stadium? then there is also the issue regarding players fitness, will we see more muscular injuries?

These are questions that can be only answered once the football restarts.

Obviously player’s and staff’s safety has to come first but if these requirements can be met then it seems logical that we carry on the league season until its natural conclusion

I know football isn’t a priority at the moment but its return could really boost morale for football fans around the world. There can be no doubt that the Premier League is a global spectacle and its return would in some way compensate for the missed Euros.

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