My Team & I : Parma

By Andrew C Harding Twitter: @andrewcharding Website: Why Parma? I’d first of all like to say that I envy those who are one-club-only in their support. For me to define myself like any individual in life, I’ve done what many have done and will continue to do so via the route of football. To pour […]

My Team & I: New York Cosmos

  By Stephen Brandt Twitter : @KingKennyfanlfc THE PAST I’m a football fan obbessed with a club that doesn’t exsist anymore, well not in a league format. Yes last year the club was resurected from the dead, but the spirit and the love isn’t there anymore. What am I talking about? The New York Cosmos […]

My Team & I: Lille

By Andrew Gibney Twitter: @FrenchFtWeekly Website: Why Lille? I’ve always had an interest in all the European leagues but I will be honest until 2005 I’d never heard of Lille. I still remember watching Lille v Manchester United with some friends, obviously wanting the non-English team to win but knowing nothing about them. It wasn’t […]

My Team & I : Raith Rovers

By Will Lyon Twitter: @wrl1989 Website: Why Raith? I have my dad to “thank” for being a Raith fan. He was brought up in a village half way between Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline, but he chose to support the less successful team (*sigh*). I actually grew up in Jersey, but I was made aware of […]

My Team & I: Cambridge United

  By Alistair Hunter Twitter: @AliHunter1 Website: Why Cambridge? I’ve asked myself the same question for 19 years. The answer? Location, location, location. Having grown up a devout Rangers fan thanks to my Dad, living some 306 miles from Ibrox was rather an inconvenience to my craving for football. But when I was taken […]

My Team & I: Southampton

By Chris Rann Twitter: @crstig Website: Why Southampton? Well…. I was born and bred on the Isle of Wight, which has always been a pretty much 50/50 split between Saints and the blue few, but my mum is from Bootle, and all her family were either diehard Liverpool or Everton fans, subsequently I was […]

My Team & I: Brighton & Hove Albion

    By Danny Last Twitter: @DannyLast Website: Why Brighton? I’m born and bred in the area. Fans around here are divided into two categories; fans that follow Brighton and go to the games, or fans that support Chelsea, Manchester United, Spurs or Arsenal and don’t go because they pretend they can’t get tickets. I’ve always been […]

My Team & I: Chivas USA

By Alicia Ratterree Twitter: @soccermusings Why Chivas USA? How can Americans create a football tradition? They have to start somewhere. I moved to Southern California in 2005 and shortly thereafter decided I needed to choose at least one team to follow. I watch as much football as I can, but I did not want to […]

My Team & I: Ajax

By Mohamed Moallim Twitter: @jouracule Website: La Croqueta Why Ajax? One name: Louis van Gaal. I roughly began watching the beautiful game in the mid 90s (giving my age away) and Van Gaal’s Ajax were at their peak, but then I never realised their brilliance instead watching them in awe, thinking football must be played […]

My Team & I: Kilmarnock

By Scott McClymont Twitter: @mcclymontscott Why Kilmarnock? Probably the same as a lot of boys just getting into football, it was my dad taking me along to the games. He’s still a season ticket holder now. That was 1992 and watching Killie was the only football I can remember seeing until around Euro 96. It […]