My Team & I: Napoli

By Paolo Mancini Twitter: @Napoli_Blogger Website: WHY NAPOLI? I was born into a part Neapolitan and part ‘Geordie’ family, I never really got into watching Newcastle United partially because we didn’t have Sky as a child so the only football I could really watch was Serie A on a Sunday afternoon. Because of this Napoli became […]

My Team & I: Hearts

  By Craig Cairns Twitter: @Threeattheback Website: Why Hearts? Quite a boring answer to this one unfortunately. My father is a Hearts supporter, therefore, I was brought up as one. As well as this, they are also my local team. I have lived in the west of Edinburgh for most of my life and attended […]

My Team & I: Melbourne Victory

  By Skye McTavish Twitter: @skyemct Why Melbourne Victory? Prior to the introduction of the A-League, football in Australia had been in a bit of a wilderness. There was a national “soccer” league and various state leagues, but the A-League was the first “shiny and commercial” version. Victory was the only choice and until the […]

My Team & I: Ross County

By John Maxwell Twitter: @johnamaxwell Website:   Why Ross County? I was 9 years old when County were admitted to the Scottish Football League (SFL), which was perfect timing for a young boy getting into football post-World Cup ’94. The World Cup, as it is for many young people around the globe, was the catalyst […]

My Team & I: Oxford Utd

By Rupert Fryer Twitter: @Rupert_Fryer Website: South American Football Why Oxford United? I was born in the city to a family of Oxford United fans – my Grandfather had supported the club way back in the ‘50s when they were still known as Headington United. He was a season ticket holder and my dad got […]

My Team & I: Queens Park

By Stefan Bienkowski Twitter: @stefan_gla Website: WHY QUEENS PARK? Well, as some who follow me on Twitter no doubt know, I am indeed a Celtic fan. Although there is a reason behind why I offered to do this segment and it’s because I hold Queens Park Football Club very close to my heart. I never […]

My Team & I: AC Milan

By Michelangelo Gamberini Twitter: @mkidj WHY AC MILAN To answer this question, I would have to tell you about my family and my childhood. My mother’s sister lives in Varese, a town not far from Milan. Her son and my older cousin was to blame for making me a Milanista – according to my uncle […]

My Team & I: Scunthorpe Utd

  By Nicola Kilmore Twitter: @footychick25   Why Scunthorpe? Well, believe it or not for quite possibly one of the most unfashionable teams in England, I actually started out as something of a glory supporter. Glory? Scunthorpe? Yes you heard right, it wasn’t until I started secondary school that I even begun to take a […]

My Team & I: Leicester City

By David Bevan Twitter: @the72football Website: Why Leicester? My Dad took me along to Filbert Street when I was 5. We were garbage at the time and the football was often the least exciting aspect of the day. I liked the car journey (by bright yellow Morris Marina). I liked the pre-match pub (the Victory). […]

My Team & I: Omiya Ardija

By Michael Hudson Twitter: @DolphinHotel Website: Why Omiya Ardija? As a Newcastle fan, I’m duty bound to root for wildly unsuccessful club sides wherever they can be found. When I moved to Japan my closest teams were the country’s most successful one, Kashima Antlers, the country’s most popular one, Urawa Reds, or Omiya Ardija, a […]