Wenger Should Make FA Cup Final His Swan Song


I am a huge fan of Arsene Wenger and all he has done at Arsenal but I think the time may have arrived for the French manager to say au devoir to Arsenal.

The London club owe him a lot. He has brought them huge amounts of cash, trophies and the club is probably one the most stable in Europe. In return they have never thought about sacking Arsene even in the darker periods of his stay.

Both parties have created a mutual love and respect relationship. But every story and era has come to an end.

I am not saying get rid of him because he is useless or that he should walk because he is a terrible manager, he clearly isn’t. I just feel after almost ¬†eighteen years in charge the club are in a slight rut that the sixty-four year old just can’t get them out of.

They need to be bigger challengers to the league title. The few components needed to do that seem obvious, yet Wenger can’t seem to get those things right and bring in the best players.

I think the next manager at Arsenal will be in a much better position than David Moyes was in when he took over from Sir Alex Ferguson at Man United?


Because they will takeover at a club that is stable, full of young talent, have funds to spend and are ready to grow.

I believe if Arsene Wenger were to leave this month, then the right manager could come in and take the side on to the next level. They would use the stability and foundations brought to the club by Wenger and make the side realise their potential. A lot like Roberto Martinez has done at Everton after the Moyes era.

Wenger could have a rest, go for a change of scenery and come back to management at another big club and show he is still a world-class gaffer. Or he could take up a job with the Arsenal board and over see the development at the academy. A role that he could see out his career with and that would benefit that club too.

Now what better way for the legendary boss to bow out at the Emirates than by giving the club and their fans back some silverware that they have missed for the past nine years. This weekend they once again challenge for a trophy in the form of the FA Cup, the stage could be set.

I know a break-up will be hard on everyone (Wenger, club and fans) but I honestly believe that if he were to go out on a high and with the club in such a healthy state then his legacy at Arsenal will only be enhanced.


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  1. Scott, sick to death of prats like you telling me AW should go, best manager we’ve ever had, long may he reign.

  2. Scott, who gives a f**k what you think.

  3. Thanks for reading. Even if it’s just the title.

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