Why Scots Can’t Stand Hearing About England’s Success


I was reading a Scottish newspaper website and came across a column that suggested it was a ‘ludicrous’ argument for a Scot to suggest they can’t support England because of the bias media.

See heres the thing, it is so annoying watching England at an international tournament for many of us Scots. Not because of the team, coach or because we have a hatred of England ever since they killed off Mel Gibson’s character in ‘Braveheart’.

As a nation we are portrayed as being ‘Anti-English’ but in my experience that can’t be further from the truth. I have an English gran and I am proud of my Lancashire roots. I often take breaks down south and always get on well with England fans. None of my friends have any issues with the English people either, a few choose to live there.

Honestly its just a myth that we learn about the ‘hand of god’ goal in our history classes. Do you want to know when we see that goal? Every two years just before an international tournament, when a production company come up with yet another countdown of gaffes, goals or football memories.

In Glasgow the rivalry between Scotland and England will never compete or compare with that of the Old Firm, its great if we can beat England but we don’t constantly think about it.

So why is it that I can’t stand the thought of England winning a World Cup?

Its simple, like it or not Mr Journo-man from the Daily Record, I can’t stand the thought of the English media going wild at the sight of Steven Gerrard lifting that famous trophy.

The thing is, as we are still part of the Union we get the same TV coverage as our English cousins. So when Clive Tyldesley and the rest bang on and on about England’s stars and their history, us Scots can get a bit annoyed and irritated. Seriously we put on bets when the commentator is going to mention 1966 for the first time (of many) and that is usually within the first thirty seconds.

A great compromise would be that we could get our own unbiased commentators but at the moment the BBC only give us the equally biased BBC 5 Live commentary team as an alternative. We also had Chris Moyles on the red button… But that almost ruined football completely!

Listen I don’t blame Clive or any other member of the English press for getting over excited if they’re doing well in a tournament but it is annoying to see/hear another country/rival creaming themselves over their sides success. Put it this way, I doubt the English public would love it if they had to sit through Germany or the French winning while listening to their commentators scream about it. It makes no sense to enjoy that!

Does it make it worse that Scotland constantly fail to qualify for the big tournaments? Of course, we will always have a slight chip on our shoulder because we are the best fans and deserve to be there.

I actually don’t care too much how England do this summer. Good luck to them and Roy Hodgson but do I want them to go on and win it? Not on your nelly, a good quarter final spot is good enough for me and then they can lose valiantly on penalties. I’m sorry I just could not handle the press if England were to win and I’d put on a bet on that a World Cup win for them would tip Scotland over the edge and we would all vote for independence!

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