Picture Blog: My Return To Ibrox

Ibrox Front

Today I returned to Ibrox for the first time in two years. The last time I was there I literally just walked past the stadium, hardly taking two glances. So it was nice to walk around and take some time to view the old place again.

The reason for the trip was very simple. I am fed up just using the Rangers crest any time I write about the club. The reason for using the crest is plain, its a non-copyright image and free to use. I don’t use copyrighted pictures on this site as it can end up costing a lot of money.

So as it was a nice afternoon I thought I’d take a few pictures with my Sony A7S of the stadium, so I could have my own library. It should be worthwhile, as I’ve written so much about the blue half of Glasgow since this blog was founded back in 2010.

I got some decent photos and thought I’d share them as a picture blog.


Most people get the gates on the other side, which is why I like this photograph, it goes against the norm. Incidentally it is almost the exact same shot that the BBC used when they interviewed me a few years back.

Gers Doors

These are the front doors to Ibrox. They are iconic to the club, yet they are shut at the moment. I like this shot because it is a bit cheeky and kind of sums up the confusion that surrounds Rangers at the moment!


When talking about Gers icons or legends, John Greig always pops up. He lead Rangers to glory in the European Cup Winners Cup in 1972. This statute (above) of the ‘Greatest Ever Ranger’ is at Ibrox as a constant reminder of the Ibrox disaster, which happened in 1971. It’s a shame that the former captain no longer prowls the halls of Ibrox as he once did when he was a director at the club. Hopefully he will return one day soon.


Here is the main stand from the opposite end. I like this pic as it’s colours dominate the scene and resembles a water colour painting. That crest on the wall is one of the things I always look out for when I walk around the stadium.

Message for god

Not the message I was expecting to see today. ‘Rangers aren’t dead’ or ‘Rangers are dead’ were more likely but alas it was this simple religious note that had been scrawled across some of the famous red bricks. Not sectarian either, which was another surprise!

Hamburg Sticker

Hamburg and Rangers fans have shared a close relationship for many years now. This sticker has been left on the stadium, possibly from a visiting HSV fan. I was expecting to see more graffiti from the protests against the current regime but I found nothing.

Clouds over Rangers

In recent times dark clouds have surrounded Rangers. This is a picture that encompasses that. Or are clouds lifting around Ibrox? Or is light finally shining through the dark clouds?

The final three pictures are taken from a GoPro that I took with me to get a different look.

Rangers1 John-GreigRangers-2

There were a lot of white vans around the stadium, dare I say that some one looked to be moving out. Let’s hope they leave the lightbulbs!

It was surreal to be back after being away for so long. I should have gone to the Fernando Ricksen testimonial but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. The words ‘a sleeping giant’ kept going through my mind as I walked around my old stomping ground.

Please understand that all of these pictures are the copyright of TheFootyblog.net but if you contact me I should be easy to deal with if you wish to use any of these images. 

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