Historic Record Breakers Celtic Won’t Slow Down Now

Scottish Premiership champions Celtic dismantled St Johnstone in McDiarmid Park and left Perth with 4-0 victory.

That result meant that the Glasgow giants broke a 100 year old UK record of domestic games without defeat, they’ve now gone 63 matches without losing to another Scottish side.

In fact, Hoops boss Brendan Rodgers has yet to suffer from a loss in Scotland’s top flight or in any domestic competition. The Celts gaffer is a main reason for the historic run of positive results and his arrival has been huge for Celtic. He brings a lot of confidence and his players play for him as well as the club’s badge.

I don’t think we should expect a dip in form anytime soon for the champs as Rodgers won’t allow the intensity to drop amongst his squad.

The players clearly enjoy the winning feeling and go out expecting to win every domestic match. That has seen them winning the treble last term and they’re already in the League Cup final as well as having a three point lead at the top of the Premiership this year.

The Celtic side now have an aura of invincibility about them. That aura is sometimes enough to beat opposition teams, who seem to shrink under the pressure of trying to contain the league champions.

Brendan has an array of talent at his disposal (the best in Scotland) and he has some strength in depth too.

I would be very surprised if the team or the manager cared much about the record that they’ve just broken. Many would’ve been oblivious to it, until the press made them aware of it.

Rodgers made a point to mention the record after the win over The Saints:

“A century-old British record which was held by Celtic has been broken by us today, which is no mean feat in modern sport and in particular football.”

It’s clearly a superb achievement but it wasn’t and won’t be a distraction. The stars and the management team will only truly appreciate the magnitude of the feat once it comes to an end or once they’ve finished their careers.

That’s how it should be too. You can’t standstill in football, even after a 63 game undefeated run. if you do then it all goes down hill. So expect Brendan to tell his troops to carry on and think of the next game, that’s always the most important one. I don’t expect the drive to win to be suppressed any time soon.

Plus there’s even room for improvement.

I still believe Brendan can improve that defence and if he does then it will be even harder for fellow Scottish sides to record a victory over such a dominant Celtic team.

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