All Eyes On Rangers Board As Fans Become Restless

Rangers fans rejoiced in 2015 as Dave King and his friends ousted a board deemed toxic by the support. King and Co came in full of promises, stating they were the men to turn the club’s fortunes around.

Now as we near the end of 2017, things haven’t really gone according to plan.

Yes they’ve managed to spend some capital on players and they’ve also managed to loosen Mike Ashley’s tight grip around the club’s neck. The board have also finally managed to bring in a director of football in Mark Allen and he’s now settled on a new scouting network, which the club desperately needed.

The team are back in Scotland’s top flight and that was always the first and main ambition.

Yet they’ve appointed two managers with mixed success to say the least and now they are looking for a third. They haven’t won a cup competition of note in recent years, they failed miserably in the their return to European completion and question marks continue to surround the Glasgow giant’s finances.

By taking their time in bringing in a new gaffer, the board look indecisive and that uncertainty has worked it’s way into the stands and onto the park.

Interim manager Graeme Murty is a nice man and he got two victories in his first two games but he’s not a first team manager, certainly not at this level. That’s been evident in their last two fixtures, in which they’ve lost to Hamilton Accies and Dundee in the Scottish Premiership.

The board sacked Pedro Caixinha thirty days ago now, yet seem no closer to announcing his replacement. The club look void of any ideas for a new manager.

Former Rangers captain Barry Ferguson summed it up by stating:

“I’m a Rangers fan first and foremost, I’m frustrated, disappointed,” 

“Now I know it’s an important appointment, but four weeks is far too long.”

The quicker Rangers identify a number one managerial target, and bring him in, the better for everyone associated at the club. The first team squad need the steady hand that an experienced gaffer would bring. The players need direction and the supporters need to be galvanised once again.

Dave King, when he became the Gers chairman, said that he’d bring “absolute transparency and accountability”. I’m not sure he’s brought that to be fair.

In a club statement regarding the managerial situation they just stated that they had received plenty of CVs and were expecting to receive more. No timeframe was put in place and there was nothing about a potential short-list.

The new board haven’t managed to bring in fresh investment from other sources and losses at the club seem to only get higher year on year, with board members ploughing money in via interest free loans.

Rangers fans would prefer to see a more structured and sound balance sheet. Nothing seems to be on the horizon to suggest a better financing plan is in place either.

I think a lot of the Gers faithful gave the current Rangers supremos time and good grace because they were viewed as ‘Rangers men’ and they had the club close to their heart.

As time goes on and the team struggles to become a force on the park, the more and more Rangers fans will become inpatient and wonder if the Light Blues board have what it takes both mentally and financially to run the football club.

They still need to prove they can bring in the right manager, who can close the gap in the Scottish Premiership and who can bring in players that will enrich the side’s playing personnel. If that doesn’t happen soon, then we might see calls at Ibrox for King and his mates to step aside and let someone else try!

A quick twitter search will show the board that some are already becoming restless:

5 Responses to “All Eyes On Rangers Board As Fans Become Restless”

  1. We need a manager before the Aberdeen game or it will be a third defeat Grahame murty is not a first team manager he makes the wrong substitutes when we are getting beat he can’t pick a winning team

  2. Long Gone are the days of The Corruptables Lording it Over Scottish Football.Who in there right mind would set foot in that Rancid Stadium,Thats Full from Stand to Stand with Bigotted Secterian Lowlifes.No Manager will want to be Associated with that Poisonous Chalice.The Lion King Cometh lololol.Karma is at the Crumble Domes door and its a Welcome Site Witnessing this Circus Steam Rolling from one fck up after fck up.Glasgow Celtic With Our Wonderful History(Untainted)Are going to Dominate Scottish Football for Many A Moon.So suck it up,Endure n Weep.And take it like the poor folk that lost out on a lot of Money,By being Associated with This Putrid Sad Excuse of a So Called Clumpany..HfH GIRUTLOYDOB

  3. lolololololol Ma Sides Are Killing Meeeeee….Please keep em Coming hahahahahahahaha

  4. Its All Over,Real Sevcolona are finished.Mon Hamilton and Dundee..Well played.Aberdeen Next..oh dear,Nightmares on the Way…..

  5. I think you are all being much too harsh on The Rangers. Remeber this is a new club, only a few years old, and only recently promoted from the lower divisons. If they manage to avoid bankruptcy and liquidation (un-like that other club who went out of existance, but also once played at Ibrokes,) then 10 or 20 years from now, they could be challenging for a top 3 spot.