“We would come in and to everyone else it was just a three-quarter kind of pace, like a jog to three-quarter pace, we used to do 12 horseshoes.

“But to me it was three-quarters and above, I was like ‘what on earth is going in here’ I just could not cope.”

“So, played the game [the next weekend], 90 minutes again, come in Monday, not only did we do 12, we did 24 runs – 24 runs and I just knew, I was running around laughing and almost crying and I knew what he was doing, he was breaking me and he did, he broke me.”

Mauricio is also a manager that gets results. He improved Southampton, keeping them in the English top flight and then turning them into Premier League mainstays. Then moved onto Spurs and has turned them into a regular Top Four club.

I think Pochettino’s manner and his attitude will also be highly regarded at Old Trafford. Jose Mourinho seemed to be fighting with everyone and the Portuguese boss isn’t scared of courting controversy and that often brought bitter or bad headlines, which isn’t the Man United way. Forty-six year old Pochettino is more reserved, he doesn’t attack his players publicly and will think things through before commenting on anything.

The Tottenham manager is also used to working with a diligent chief executive and a head of recruitment. Man United are looking to bring in a new footballing administrative to help with player recruitment and football side of the business and Mauricio is used to that way of working,

BBC Sport are speculating the United could bring in Paul Mitchell as their new director of football. It should be noted that Mitchell is currently working as head of recruitment for Bundesliga cracks RB Leipzig but before that he worked at Southampton and Spurs with Pochettino.

United definitely need to join the rest of Europe’s elite and have a football administrator to work alongside a top class coach. That person needs to work hand in hand with the manager and provide that gaffer with the tools needed to succeed. If Mitchell does arrive at Carrington, then I think that will be a big clue that the club want Mauricio.

The Telegraph are reporting that United will pay a world record fee of around £4om to get their man.

So would Mauricio Pochettino take the job?

There’s no doubt that Manchester United have incredible pulling power, as they’re one of the biggest clubs in the world. They’ll also have more cash to spend on rebuilding the squad than most teams have at their disposal.

Yet I’m not fully convinced Pochettino would jump ship. He’s got a strong job at Tottenham and a lot of players have bought into his philosophy. He’s a honourable guy and he’ll weigh everything up before making such a huge decision.

Currently, I’m still 50-50 on whether Mauricio Pochettino would accept the Man United job if he were offered the role. What I do know is that I think he’s an outstanding candidate for the club’s managerial hot-seat and he has all the attributes needed to succeed.