Are Man United Making Same Transfer Window Mistakes?

Last season Manchester United improved their league form and finished in third place in the Premier League.

They also managed to finish the campaign off with losing performances in the semi final stages of both the FA Cup and the Europa League.

Yet for Man United, improving and becoming nearly men simply isn’t good enough. Their fans continue to expect more!

That’s why it’s bewildering that United haven’t managed to strengthen in the transfer window thus far.

Last summer, they went out and bought Daniel James in early doors and they also reached a quick transfer to bring Aaron Wan-Bissaka from Crystal Palace.

But then when it came to their main priority they hummed and hawed trying to do a deal with Leicester City over Harry Maguire before finally agreeing to pay The Foxes asking price in early August.

All summer, last year, they were linked with Bruno Fernandes but they only eventually brought the Portuguese international in during the winter transfer window. They again dithered and didn’t pay the asking price until eventually changing their mind in the next window.

It now looks like this window may provide the same pitfalls for United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and their main deal-maker Ed Woodward.

The main transfer target seems to be Borussia Dortmund forward Jadon Sancho. Early rumours speculated that United were preparing an £80m bid, the Bundesliga club are believed to want £110m for the England international.

Now the Sunday Express are reporting that United are willing to delay a move for the wide player by a year. Why? Are they expecting the price to fall dramatically in that time? It didn’t when it came to Fernandes and Maguire! If it does then it will signal that the player has’t reached the heights he has in the last two years and why would The Red Devils want him if he isn’t as efficient?

Plus if you need him to fill a void within your squad, then that position will still need to be filled this summer at Old Trafford. So if they don’t go for Sancho, then they need to go after someone else.

I still think they need another centre-back.

Former target Kalidou Koulibaly could be on the verge of signing for Manchester City (Via Sports Illustrated).

United may be interested in Gabriel but have yet to put in a bid. It has been rumoured that Lille have agreed a deal with Napoli and Arsenal for the Brazilian defender, with the Daily Mail stating The Gunners are close to completing their move for the twenty-two year old.

Again why are United stalling on making a move for whomever their preferred defensive target is?

Then you’ve got the deadwood that’s still at Old Trafford. Yes they’ve managed to move Alexis Sanchez on but the likes of Marcos Rojo, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling and Diogo Dalot are still there. I don’t really know if I’d keep Juan Mata, Eric Bailly, Jesse Lingard and Andreas Pereira there either.

All this is happening while teams that finished behind United in the Premier League are doing more to strengthen their squads. Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea have all made significant signings.

When Manchester United were at their best they were a well run like a well oiled machine both on and off the pitch. Sir Alex Ferguson identified areas he needed to improve and drew up a shortlist of targets to fill that void. Those players would usually improve the United squad and they were brought in at the right times.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to get that process back into Mn United’s philosophy!

4 Responses to “Are Man United Making Same Transfer Window Mistakes?”

  1. my question to the writer, what makes you think United have that much funds to spend ?? are you the accounts department ????? even though we have the money would it be wise to spend 100m on Sancho in this pandemic era ??? take note we havent let go any staff nor slash their wages while giving lower division clubs the waiver on players loan. Why would you write such damaging articles against a club from the start of a pandemic been a sterling shining example of not what to do. On another note, Diogo Dalot Chiris Smalling Marcos Rojo Phil Jones are not dead wood !! Injuries are their bane …without it they would probably get a chance to prove themselves. You have been in this industry long enough to notice and understand once you lose your spot in the team coming back is difficult if the other guy is in hot form. So please write more constructively rather then loose and base on stupid hear says just to sell your papers.
    Ever heard of ‘Rome aint built in a day’ …… bet you didtnt …….. its because of irresponsible writes like you all those headless fans read and go crazy demanding the club to buy this and that.
    Ed and Ole knows who they want … let them do their job properly while you do yours …….
    PS writing this article makes you look like a fool.

  2. Actually Manchester united at the moment is really boring team. Imagine losing three semis in one season and you are there watching while other teams are signing.

  3. Gary – It’s strange you say this article makes me look like a fool and then write a lengthy reply.

    I didn’t say Man United should sign Sancho, I do think he’s a good player but I also understand Man Utd might not want to layout £100m+. My point is that United then have to have back up plans and make bids for alternative targets. That surely is just common sense?

    We can agree to disagree on what we want to call the likes of Rojo, Jones and the rest I mentioned but the fact is they’re chances of getting prolonged game time seem to be limited. Why keep them? I don’t deny injuries have impacted on some of their careers but again at a club like Man United know that sometimes it’s best for all concerned to have a clean break and see if a move can resurrect their careers.

    I don’t doubt Ole knows what he wants, I am unconvinced Woodward can do the job in bringing them in.

    I will agree with you that as a club they have handled this pandemic well in interacting with their fans and keeping their employees!

    PS yeah I have heard that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ This is Ole’s third full transfer window and it can’t be great watching your rivals spending money and improving their squads.

  4. Man. United need to invest in young talented players and build a strong team, instead of signing big names that don’t fit with the team. Just look at Bayern Munich as an example. They just seem to be missing something.

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